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Jul 15, 2007 09:03 PM

Report: Joy Restaurant Chowdown

Earlier tonight twelve 'hounds descended upon the Taiwanese favorite Joy Restaurant in Foster City. With help from previous posts and suggestions from other 'hounds, and copious cross-references to Robert Yu's secret menu posting (which now seems to be down), honu and I (the organizers) ordered:

- Zhong Hua Road Potstickers
- Gold Thread Roll (fried)
- Tangerine Peel Crispy Freshwater Eel

- Salty sincere delicacy [yan du xian]

- Red striped whole duck
- Clay pot lion's head
- Nitrate pork (steamed pork hock) [da shao ti]
- Chicken with basil (3-cup chicken)
- Wu xi spare ribs
- Green beans with minced meat
- XO sauce hand-cut noodles with seafood chow mein
- Crispy bean sea bass
- On choy

- Shaved ice with red beans, ai-yu jelly, and grass jelly

I took a few photos and posted them at:

I'll wait for others to post before giving my review. Total including tax and tip was $17/person.

Joy Restaurant
1489 Beach Park Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404

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  1. Thanks for the pics PekoePeony! Your pictures definitely loooked better than mine. It was wonderful meeting 'hounds and we survived the warm temperature in the restaurant.

    The pot stickers, always a favorite of mine, were nice and crispy on the bottom. Someone suggested that it was because of cornstarch?

    I especially liked the Clay pot lion's head, meat was tender and the the dipping sauce complimented the meat wonderfully.

    Everything I tried I would definitely order again - I was secretly glad that we didn't order the stinky tofu!

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    1. re: honu

      The stinky tofu will add a soul to a meal, fried for the frist time and steamed when you get more used to it.

    2. you're quick on the uptake there, alice. someone else told me i was to start the thread as i was the supremely tardy diner that evening.

      of the dishes that were not finished by the time i arrived, the duck was a personal favorite. not solely because it was delicious, but also because i'd yet to have braised duck in a chinese restaurant, be it taiwanese or otherwise.

      and thanks (again) to you and annette for organizing.

        1. re: K K

          Paydirt! I'm so excited to find this translation!!! Thanks for passing it along, KK. (And God bless Robert for making my day with his efforts.)

        2. Thanks for posting the photos and descriptions! It looks like you did quite a bit of research...I'll try to incorporate the info into my Secret Menu translation.


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          1. re: snewdl

            RY, you're my hero. I've been going to Joy for a while, but could only get an "authentic" meal when my family comes with. Now, I no longer feel like I'm in the dark.