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Portos carrot cake?

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Does anyone know if Portos offers carrot cake and if it is any good????


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  1. It's on their website.


    Also, since it's listed as ready-made, I think it should be available by the slice. (for ease of tasting!)

    1. My co-workers got me a Carrot Cake from Porto's for my last birthday and it was delicious. None of that horrible butter cream frosting - but a nice cream cheese one. Very very good.

      1. Porto's has fantastic carrot cake, at a great price, and it is generally available by the slice.

          1. You can definitely buy it by the slice or get a whole round layered cake. It's moist - and the best.

            1. THANKS again to everyone...I think i will be a hit...carrot cake fromPortos and lemon meringue from Al Gelato :-) Happy 80th Birthday grandpa!

              1. Porto's has everything good, including carrot cake.

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                  Agreed. When our Cuban friends visit, they always stop at Porto's and bring many goodies.

                  Haven't had the carrot cake though. We love carrot cake but hate coconut. Is there coconut in it?

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                    I don't know, but I tell you what---you guys were SO RIGHT! We ordered the 1/4 sheet and I got kudos all around. The cake was moist and dense with nice, sweet cream cheese on top. I loved the pecans around the perimeter. It was decorated in a simple but lovely manner. Only $28....we will definitely be ordering this one again. SUPER.