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Jul 15, 2007 07:42 PM

Best milkshakes in NYC?

Who has got the best milkshakes in all of Manhattan?

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  1. Sounds like a suggestive question, but getting past that I'd say the place on Avenue A around 7th does a nice job.

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    1. re: addictedtolunch

      Ray's Deli

      ... is the 'place on Avenue A around 7th' that 'does a nice job.'.
      Ray's --->

      If you want a real classic, then it's the Lexington Candy Shop. (Can be expensive though).
      View the slide show --->

      1. re: addictedtolunch

        this is the place w/ the little window right (where you could get a sundae at 2 a.m.)? i used to work right next door, and thought that was so rad you could get a sundae virtually anytime.

        1. re: unocal

          Wait, where is Ray's?? I've tried finding it twice now. Did it change its name? I found a place which advertised its milkshakes on Ave A between St.M's and 7th, it was a tiny little place with two ladies behind the counter. It didn't say Ray's anywhere though and I think it was called Belgian Frites. Help?!

          1. re: AgentRed

            That's Rays. It has a take-out window on the street side, with a hand-written sign advertising their shakes, malts, egg creams, etc.

      2. The shakes at Philly Slim's always seem to hit the spot for me. Super sweet and cold cups of deliciousness.

        1. Believe it or not, The Skylight Diner on 34th St. makes a mean vanilla milkshake.

          1. I was delighted to find that Blue Smoke had a wonderful vanilla milkshake. It was kind of odd having it after stuffing myself with ribs and side dishes, but I finished the entire milkshake (it was that good!).

            1. The black cow shake at Good Burger. Good Lord.