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Jul 15, 2007 07:32 PM

TNFNS - Okay, this Jag situation was a total hoax, right?

While I agree with what seems to be the opinion of most of the Chowhounds out there (that none of the candidates on this show would make an ideal star), I feel fairly confident that Amy is the best choice among those remaining. So her "elimination" was, I think, highly suspect. And then all this stuff about Jag not being honest about his background? Who would lie about graduating from culinary school, or where he was deployed by the marines? Both lies would be fairly easy to uncover, so it just seems like a really stupid idea to me. AND in that little "meeting" that he had w/ Tush and Sue, Jag didn't seem upset at all. It all seemed very odd, contrived, and in poor taste. Any clue on the real story here?

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  1. The meetings at the end were completely staged. They needed usable footage to put in the show to tell the narrative.

    I agree with you about Amy - both in that she's the best one left, and that her elimination is suspect. I wonder if the whole stunt was for drama purposes.

    1. Agreed. I've been dreading the idea of either Rory or Amy winning. Jag would have been palatable, at least. But something was off about this, for sure.

      I've already canceled recording for next week's show. I couldn't care less about it. Back to Top Chef...

      1. Well, the JAG story has been known for a long time so I'll bet it was an anti-climax when it got to the screen.

        I detest Amy and her icky hair! Yuck!

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        1. re: SilverlakeGirl

          You'd really judge a TV host because of their hair? The lookism that pops up in these threads really rubs me the wrong way.

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            I don't want to create another long thread of people arguing about the way someone looks... but I really don't understand what you mean; do you think curly hair is gross?

            1. re: Adrienne

              I bet her hair looks great when she does it herself. The fault lies with the FN makeup people putting way too much goop in her hair making it appear unwashed and stringy.

          2. I also think it was a hoax. Either way, once they started airing simply delicioso or sabroso (I dont remember the name) show, it became obvious Jag wasnt going to win, even though he was the best cook left and was the least irritating. When I saw that rory and jag were left, I started to panic because I knew that meant Rory won. Im not fond of Amy, but at least she knows how to cook. Rory is like a Texan Rachel Ray with more cleavage. A Dope. I actually went on the website and voted as to try to prevent Rory from getting her own show because one rachel ray on food network is enough to disgust me when I turn to the channel.

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            1. re: Sambossanova

              Rory and Rachael Ray in the same kitchen was just terrifying, wasn't it... like OMG, who cloned her?! (there's nothing wrong with RR, but the world definitely does not need two of her!)

            2. I really don't see how Amy wasn't picked as a finalist the first time around. Jag is a spaz and very annoying to watch, and the way he was patronizing Rachel by repeatedly calling her "honey" was disrespectful. Over and over again he brings up these deep dark secrets about his mysterious past that he says is hard to talk about, but apparantely some of it was conjured out of thin air. Fault falls on both Jag for having no integrity, and the Food Network for failing a simple background check on someone they're putting on a short list of candidates to have their own show on the network. This whole season of TNFNS just comes across as amateurish and insulting to the viewer.

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              1. re: Bunson

                Oh my god, I was getting so mad when he was calling her honey. It was so demeaning. I was shocked and disappointed when he didn't get called out for that.

                His presentation style is like Emeril on crack. Emeril without the crack is bad enough.

                Looking back, him moving on over Paul in the Iron Chef challenge is also suspect. Paul had problems, to be sure, but Josh completely failed that challenge. He fell apart. And they said, basically "You completely failed the challenge but we're picking you anyway." Odd indeed.