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Jul 15, 2007 07:31 PM

Rare Bar and Grill, BLT Burger, Stand, or Shake Shack??

I want to know where the best burger,fries, and shake is. I don't care about price. I have looked at all of the menus and the pictures and these are all relatively in the same area. I think Rare looks interesting with the T-bone and M and m burger. Stand has a toasted marshmallow shake that looks awesome but the burgers come on a hard lookin bun. Shake Shack is supposed to be great and they have the shake attack concrete but who wants to wait on line for hours. BLT Burger looks reallly good as well and offers up some interesting choices. Where's the best??

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  1. I think Rare has the best burgers in Manhattan. I like JG Mellon's burgers too but I don't think one burger is enough.

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    1. Stand's bun is way too chewy for the burger. They need to fix that.

      1. Shake Shack is my favorite of the ones you mentioned, and I like their concrete best as a dessert treat after.

        1. Have not had a bad item at BLT Burger to date (including a fantastic fried Okra app on Saturday). Perfect fries (all varieties), excellent beef alternatives (salmon,veg which is fallafel, and kick-ass lamb) and great draft/bottles/cans for a small place.

          Does the burger stack up? I think so... value for dollar amy not be the best but it is a quality burger for sure.

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          1. re: Abe Froman

            well ive been to all of those. Used to like Shake Shack the most but now im favoring
            one not mentioned, BRGR, on 7th avenue. Its my go to burger place. Excellent all around. My one qualm is that sometimes the roll gets a little messy and falls apart.Fantastic onion hay. I could live on that 7 days aweek.

            BLT Burger is 2nd followed by Rare (one on Lex). I'm only 2 blocks from Stand, but have only been there twice. Didnt excite me. Cant put up with the lines at SS especially with all of the newer places nearby.

            However I have never had any of the shakes at these places except for SS. Heard great things about the shakes at Stand.

            1. re: ricky7

              you really like the burger at BRGR that much, huh? what exactly are you digging about it?

              Curious because it has been so universaly panned, myself included in the panning. my experience was not good, dry overcooked lifeless patty, though you could taste that the beef used was good (just not prepared well)

              1. re: Abe Froman

                Universally panned? whom? Read alot of outstanding reviews in the papers and magazines but regardless still find it to be a great burger. perhaps you went on a bad night or two. did you order it well done?

          2. JG Melon's. It's just outstanding. I'm not realy into the fries there. And I don't even know if they make shakes. But those burgers are just so good it's worth forgoing everything else.