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Jul 15, 2007 06:47 PM

Need lots of lobsters

I know this has been discussed in the past but I'm having trouble narrowing down the search function to only search in Toronto - so please forgive me for being redundant. Anyway I'm looking for a LOT of lobsters for a lobster party - live, fresh and a good price - preferably in the northeast end of Toronto. Where would you recommend we buy? I've been looking at Lobster Island, Mac's Lobster and Bergon Lobster.

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  1. have you tried City Fish at Dufferin/Lawrence?

    1. Atlantic Ocean Harvest ( professes to do delivery that's ocean-to-your-door in 24 hours. Looks like the price runs about $15/lb. I've not ordered from them (yet) myself, bit have been keeping them in mind for some occasion. They're very responsive in email (I've sent a couple of questions) if you have any queries for them.

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        Not in the northeast part of the city but I'd highly recommend Bill's Lobster on Gerrard near Broadview. Several huge tanks filled with lobsters ranging from canners up to about 3lbs. Great service too.

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          I second Bill's Lobsters. Great place with good advice if you need some tips.

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            I third Bill's Lobsters. Good price, perfectly fresh n' feisty, and they do indeed have LOTS.

      2. Sobey's in Pickering (Brock Road) is charging $9.99/lb for canners. I had one last week that cost $12 and it was good. They usually keep 15-20 in a tank, but I'm sure they could get more as required. They will cook while you shop (free service), but I don't know that they can do your big order in minutes.

        1. I'd head up a little north of the city to T+T - Warden and Steels or the Promanade Mall. Theu usuallu have tanks full of both East Coast and Spiney Lobsters, at a reasonable price, and they're kicking (What Can I Say? Us chinese are picky about seafood). They offer a cleaninf service for free and don't blink at large orders.

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            i second the chinese supermarket idea. T&T is generally reasonably priced with pretty good quality LIVE lobster. not sure if you can get a deal if you buy in a LARGE quantity. good luck with the search!

          2. I third the Bill's Lobsters recommendation. Even though it's a bit out of your way, Bill's has the best price to quality ratio in town (and they might even cut you a deal if the quantity is high enough). I think it was around $11.99 or $12.99 a pound for top grade 1.5-2.5 lb lobsters a week or two ago (which is actually a bit high for Bill's, but apparently wholesale prices out East have been high this year).