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Jul 15, 2007 06:45 PM

Wedding Dinner Help

My son is getting married Monday, December 10 on the beach in Kahala/Waialae area of Oahu. I have offered to host the wedding dinner for about 20 people and am looking for suggestions.

The brides parents are coming from suburban Tokyo for the event...the grooms family are reasonably adventurous eaters from LA.

I am thinking $50-$75 per person food and drink (not heavy drinkers and no need for expensive wines).

So...good food in an island elegant (not stuffy) setting is what I am looking for.

Unfortunately, I am a bit out of touch with the Honolulu food scene since I haven't been back since graduating from UH in 1972!


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  1. Hoku's at the Kahala Mandarin is nice - I don't know if they have any private rooms, though, if that's what you need. My favorite would be 3660 on the Rise for the food, but the setting/view is better at Hoku's! And Hoku's does have excellent food - I think I just ordered the wrong thing the night we were there.

    1. Hoku's is a good choice, excelent food, beautiful setting at the Kahala. You might also look at the Plumeria Cafe downstairs. It is a nice setting not as posh as Hoku's but the prices are not as posh either, the food is quite good. There are times that they only have the buffet available, so you would have to check on that. 3660 would also be a good choice in Kaimuki. Surprisingly there is really nothing upscale in Kahala mall. Of course Honolulu is small enough that getting to Alan Wongs or Chef Mavro's would not be much of a problem from the Waialae/Kahala area. You might also want to consider heading out to Hawaii Kai to Roy's. There is a new one in Waikiki as well, but don't know first hand how good it is.