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Jul 15, 2007 06:42 PM

Weekend lunch in Springfield, MO (or Joplin)?

I'm looking for a quality spot in Springfield, MO for a Saturday or Sunday lunch later this month as I drive through. (Will consider Joplin as well.) Does not have to be an expensive or incomparable experience but does have to satiate, as I'll be on the road and don't wish to be disappointed. For example, high quality American or Italian, or even (or especially) a good diner. Preferably close to I-44, but will deviate from course. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nearly Famous comes to mind, but it is 5 miles south on Glenstone from I-44. My wife dies for their egg salad sandwich, while I believe the Rueben is one of the best.

    You can read their menu and more on their website: It is 2 blocks north of Battlefield and Glenstone near the middle of the Brentwood Shopping Center.

    There are many others. I understand that Springfield has a high number of restaurants per capita.

    -- PatrickB

    1. I like Ben's Carriage House Family Restaurant not too far from I-44 1772 South Glenstone 417-823-9904 I alway's eat there when We come for our shopping trip to Springfield and never have been dissapointed,we love the gyros sandwich,but they have so much more and what we have seen from the platters coming out of the kitchen it is all plentiful.It's open 24 hours and serves breakfast lunch and dinner.Good luck.

      1. Hope Im not too late? I forgot to tell you about the Bass Pro shop restaurant,on Campell and Sunshine many many of my friends have eaten there all have excellent reports on it,sorry you haven't gotten more responds from the people that actually live there,I myself have never gotten any anwers,too bad.good luck.Mutti.