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La Cienega, Beverly, Melrosoe or Third Street Restaurant Recommendations?

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Wondering if any new restaurants that have popped up in the last few months are worth trying in any of these neighborhoods?

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  1. The most notable opening was probably Osteria Mozza.

    1. Like which places?

      New places I can think of: Gonpachi, Hokusai, Foundry on Melrose, Tanzore, Osteria Mozza. Unfortunately I haven't been to any of those yet. Gonpachi is getting not so great reviews. Hokusai decent reviews. Foundry very good reviews. Tanzore: no idea. Osteria Mozza: don't even need to say anything...

      Tasca isn't new but they just recently got their liquor license so more people are going there now. That's one place I have been, and I highly recommend it.