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Jul 15, 2007 04:30 PM

[SEA] Judith Weinstock (Kingston Hotel Cafe)

Anyone know/hear what this former Kingston Hotel Cafe owner is up to these days?

I just pulled out he Kingston Hotel Cafe Cookbook cookbook for its great blackberry pie recipe and remembered how great her food was & recipes are (not to mention her other venture the Streamliner Diner in Winslow).

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  1. Hi there...yes, Judith is still in Washington. She has a catering business, Food Muse Inspired Catering, and teaches culinary arts at Westsound Academy...


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      Oh, be still, my beating heart.
      We had a "pepperpot" soup there once that was such a killer I tried to get the "recipe." Heh. It was "something (she) just tossed together," and I thought I'd be happy to die right there. I'm glad she's sticking with her true calling, but hoping I can learn it if she is called to a more available house. I mean, Sitka and Spruce is good, and all, but they do NOT have Judith.