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Jul 15, 2007 04:20 PM

Great Barbecue in Elkridge

Try Smokey and Uncle Grubes Barbecue in Elkridge/Jessup area. The setting is less than fine dining, but you will have some of the most amazing (and towering) roasted turkey or pulled pork sandwiches ever!

Bring some cash, no cards accepted there.

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    1. re: RobertM

      Some quick Googling brings up Smokeys N Uncle Grubes at 7300 Roosevelt Blvd.

      (full disclosure for those who are interested in such things: this information came out of the Howard County health inspectors report, the only reference I could find to the place on the web).

      Liam: do they smoke everything there? What kind of sauce to they have? Do they do ribs?

      1. re: alopez

        From a 2005 WaPo article on Howard County eats:

        "Smokey's-N-Uncle Grube's (7300 Roosevelt Blvd., Elkridge, 410-796-0024) looks like my idealized version of a barbecue joint. It's in an old wooden building with a wooden screen door and picnic tables out front.

        "The pork is slow-cooked in commercial ovens for several hours before being finished on a wood charcoal- and gas-fired pit. The minced pork sandwich has the consistency and sweet molasses taste you might associate with a sloppy Joe. But, oh, is it good. The ribs are meaty but a distant second to the minced pork."

        . . .

        I remember looking into it at the time that article came out and learning that they are only open for lunch and only weekdays, and since I'm never up that way during the day on weekdays, I hadn't really thought about it since.

    2. I used to go here semi-regularly when I was working near UMBC.

      The pulled pork is pretty good, but not THAT good. Baked beans are pretty great. Everything else was just ok. Worth it for an occasional lunch if you're in the area - not good enough for a special trip.

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      1. re: DanielK

        I'd agree, decent barbecue-style sandwiches, but certainly not a barbecue destination.