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Jul 15, 2007 04:17 PM

Concord Grapes

Does anyone know where I can find concord grapes? I don't know if they're in season right now or not, but perhaps someone can give me any information/suggestions? Thanks :)

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  1. concord grapes have a really short season around september, you can find them at any decent supermarket (eg whole foods, gelson's . . . ) from around late august to october

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      yup. and you might also check (at about that same time) for kyoho grapes, which are a japanese adaptation of concords. much the same flavor.

    2. Yeah, the fruit dude at Ralphs told me the concords are about 4 weeks away...

      1. one of vendors at the wed. farmers' market in santa monica always carries them when in season. (he's on the north side of arizona, about midway between 2nd and 3rd.) he comes down from the fresno area and his concords are quite good. if memory serves me correctly, i believe he may even have seedless concords, but i may be confusing his grapes with concords i had in vancouver (which definitely were seedles and were out of this world).