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Jul 15, 2007 04:05 PM

Spanish throwdown - what do you love?

Hi! Pennsylvania hound coming up to NY again. Had a ***wonderful*** time with your recommendations the last time (the fact that I just plain LOVE your city doesn't hurt, either), and interested in hearing your opinions on anything Spanish of tapas-y (our current obsession).

I just copied a bunch of listings from the NY Times and it looks like we could practically eat Spanish in every neighborhood (which is sort of amazing from my POV - in Philly, I think there are a whole two? Spanish restaurants). I'd love to hear your opinion of which of them is good, which overrated, etc.

My one caveat is that we'll have our 4-year-old with us. While he's an excellent chowpup and digs his jamon and polpo, we can't go to any uber formal, muy serioso temples to gastronomy where it's inherently impolite to be under the age of majority.

And the list...

Bar Jamon
Bin 71
Cafe Espanol
Casa Mono
Cafe Riazor
El Cid
Global 33
La Nacional
Las Ramblas
Panino Giusto
Rincon de Espana
Tia Pol
Zipe Zape
A 33 Crosby

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  1. My vote is Las Ramblas. But it'd probably be hard to dela with a four year old there. Tia Pol and Casa Mono/Bar Jamon are very good as well but also not a good place to bring a child.

    I've had a couple solid meals at Pintxos. It's a better bet for a little one.

    Not too good: Cafe Espnaol, El Cid, Euzkadi, and La Nacional

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      1492 on Clinton Street is great. They have a nice garden/tented thing in the back which is superin this weather.

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        I agree: Cafe Espanol is not great for the food. Very average. I think people go there more for the atmosphere, since it can get pretty lively, but the food is just average. The bartender makes a mean mojito though, I'll give them that.

      2. Unfortunately, a 4-year-old is a serious liability in your search for the best tapas place. The tastiest ones on your list are barlike in atmosphere: crowded, tiny and often with tall barstools instead of chairs. Tia Pol is my favorite, but the wait can be quite long unless you show up at an off hour, and it's definitely no place for a young child. Ditto for Casa Mono / Bar Jamon, Kaña, Las Ramblas, ñ, Global 33 and Xunta. Pintxos might work early in the evening, but is a total eurotrash party scene after 9 (great people watching!)

        Any chance you can get a babysitter? If you can, the chorizo + chocolate app and the fried garbanzos at Tia Pol are so very good.

        Don't bother with Pipa -- food is lousy.

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          I've been to Casa Mono for lunch - around 12:30 on a summer weekend - with young children with no problems, and we were there for about 2.5 - 3 hours.

        2. Tia Pol and Boqueria.

          1. I had one of the best dining experiences of my life at Cafe Riazor. Mind you, the person I was with, now my ex-wife, was most of the attraction, but, still, they do Argentinian steak exactly right. You might want to get a less biased, more recent opinion.

            1. Secretes has closed. La Nacional is good for Spanish food and for families. Not really a tapas place. Casa Mono is very good, but it is quite cramped, so I'd go early with kids.