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Jul 15, 2007 03:33 PM

Any great chili (not chili my soul) on Westside?

Looking for really exceptional homemade style chili. So far the best I've had is at Brennan's Bar on Lincoln south of Washington. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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    1. re: JBC

      That's exactly what I'm looking for - special, carefully crafted chili. Saddle Peak Lodge is a bit far, and awfully expensive for chili, but I presume it's worth it. I may give it a try - but would also appreciate any other closer, less expensive suggestions. Thank you very much.

      1. re: Jeryy

        Houston's on Saturday only. Really good but a little expensive, but not Saddlepeak expensive!

        1. re: bigredd

          I'll try Houston's. Saddle Peak is like a car payment. Thanks.

          1. re: Jeryy

            Maybe you guys just coined a new phrase:

            "I don't mind Expensive, but I wasn't talking Saddle Peak Lodge EXPENSIVE!!!"

            All right it's $11 for one cup of chili, and you're right that's in the ouch category; however, it's "game" chili so their slow handcrafted chili may contain Elk, Buffalo, Venison, Wild Boar, ect. (or all of the above?). So I would think that for someone who took the time to pose the question, that you'd want to make that big double digit expenditure at least once for comparison purposes at a minimum...

            BTW, what kind or car can you buy for $11, $26, or $39 (*) bucks a month?

            (*) For a 3 course dinner, not just chili.

            1. re: JBC

              A fair question. If I went to Saddlepeak Lodge it would be an excursion for a special occasion dinner with my wife - so the $11 cup of chili would probably turn into a $150 (including wine) evening. That would be a monthly payment on, say, a Ford Focus.

              1. re: Jeryy

                $150 ?, You gotta be kidding? Were not talikng just run-of-the-mill ordinary Expensive, we're talking Saddle Peak Lodge EXPENSIVE!...:

                1) You $11 for the chili appetizer.
                2) She equalizes with the Foie Gras for $23.

                3) Beer at $7.50, she counters with the champagne cocktail at $19.

                4) Your both still very hungry and she says "you know last time I was reading Chowhound everybody was just raving about their Elk Tenderloin from New Zealand, so I'll have that" - $40.
                5) Giving in to your inner demons, "that game meat was just wonderful, I don't think I can make up my mind so I'll guess for an entree I'll try the Wild Game Trio" - $41.

                6) Waiter suggests that while you're at it, it would be oh so much better with 2 side dishes like the M & C ($6) and the green beans amandine ($7). Done!

                7) The wife says that she read in People magazine that so-and-so from who-knows-where belives that the perfect accompaniment with Elk is Duckhorn 3 Palms Napa Valley Merlot, which they just happen to have - $160.

                8) Dessert - To economize, the wife says she'll be happy to spit one with you and the perfect option for sharing would be the Dessert Sampler - $19.

                9) Two Coffees with dessert sir? But of course! - $16

                10) With Tax & Tip = $446.43 ~ Now were talking Baby Benz!

                Solution - Leave the wife at home, have a cup of chili and one of their recomended beers, add tax and tip and your out the door for $20 + or - , depending on whether the beer is just normally expensive or "REAL" S.P.L. Expensive!?!

                Sometimes "Timing" is everything,.....

                1. re: JBC

                  Thanks, but I'm not worth spending that kind of money on.

                  1. re: Jeryy

                    Well then, how about Filet Mignon Chili at $6 cup, $8 bowl. I've never tried it, but the next opportunity that presents itself, I would:


                    1. re: JBC

                      Why in the world would anybody want to make chili out of filet mignon? First of all, the meat doesn't have a strong enough taste to stand up to the extreme amounts of garlic and cumin needed to make chili taste like chili; second, the meat is so soft that it would literally melt in the several hours chili needs to cook properly. Better to grill your filet, or saute it in butter, and enjoy it "as-is"; chili needs a tougher, tastier meat.

                      1. re: ozhead

                        I instantly thought of about 1,000 different responses to your mini-chili-rant but have narrowed it down to the following:

                        1) Chili, like so many other things, can become a very personal thing in defining exactly what it's suppose to be. (i.e, beans or NO beans).
                        2) Like I said above, I haven't tried it yet but have made a mental notation to do so next time I'm there because it's unique in that regard and until I sample it, I will hold off on any preconcieved ideas on whether it's good or not.
                        3) It wasn't my idea to make chili out of Filet Mignon, but theirs.
                        4) I have, so far, done the obvious and called them. I didn't speak to the chef or owner, but the gal I spoke with says she loves it and has it often.
                        5) If you're fully convinced with every fiber of your being that making Chili with Filet Mignon is so "Totally Wrong", then I suggest you call them and ask them yourself whatever questions you may have regarding whether their choice of filet as chili meat can be "chili" enjoyably consumed.......

                        The Galley - S.M. - (310) 452-1934

                        1. re: JBC

                          J, I was by no means criticizing (or even responding to) you; my rant (well, quasi-rant) had to do with the mystical and mysterious subject of chili itself. I fully agree that chili is whatever people want it to be, and if a misguided person wants to waste filet mignon by putting it in whatever he perceives as chili, more power to him.

                          On the other hand, regarding your point #1: with respect to the beans/no beans question, it's not even open for discussion. It is a natural law, as irrefutable as E = MC squared, that there are NO beans in chili. On the other hand, chili can (and often should) be served ON TOP OF beans.

                          1. re: ozhead

                            One of the LA Times writers, (Susan LaTempa) gave a strong recommendation to the tri-tip chili at Santa Maria BBQ in Culver City in today's Food Section.


                            1. re: Servorg

                              I've had it ... it's ok. It's *very* oily. It's not at all what I would consider a top-notch chili however it's better than your average diner chili. (I'm not saying Santa Maria is a diner, I'm just comparing chili.) I wouldn't advocate going out of your way to get it. Or going out of your way for Santa Maria at all ... it's a decent place if you happen to be nearby, that's it.

    2. There was a recent thread about chili and one person recommended Red Rock Chili Company in Century City. It's a local chain. I haven't tried it myself. I'd be curious to see how it holds up. I'd be surprised if it's in the "exceptional" category.

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      1. re: QualityMart

        Yes, it was so unexceptional that I had completely forgotten about it. Thanks anyway.

        1. re: Jeryy

          Ok ... well that's good to know. Just saved me a trip.

        2. re: QualityMart

          Red Rock is okay if you're desperate for a chili fix. You can get a small cup (scoop, i think it's called? squint?) and a piece of bread for pretty cheap. I don't think their "dishes" stand up as well... they tend to hold back on the chili and the result is underwhelming (i've had the burrito, nachos, fries, baked potato, and spaghetti). I think my "favorite" is their standard, or the spicy version of the standard. The Cincinatti (i'm sure I spelled that wrong) version is interesting if you like that style, but I found it a touch greasy for my liking. It might go well with noodles, rice, or the potato.

          All comments apply to the Century City red rock chili, as that's the only one i've been to.

        3. my husband is in love with the chili at jack n jills. go figure

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          1. re: woofer

            Hi, Thanks. Where is Jack N Jills?

          2. Clementine north of Century City usually has chili included on their menu...

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            1. re: bulavinaka

              there's also a filet mignon chili at Surfas, don't know if the cafe's chili is popular but most of the other items are.