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Jul 15, 2007 03:25 PM

Best Cold Dip Recipe?

Looking for a great cold dip to take to a BBQ in early August -- one that always gets rave reviews and has people scraping the last bits from the bottom of the bowl. Traditional only if it's got a unique twist, please!

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  1. I know hummus is a bit overdone here lately, but I have started making a blackbean hummus that people have been requesting I bring to everything. It's 3 parts black beans to one part garbanzo beans, onion, lemon juice, cumen, garlic, pepper, sesame tahini, and olive oil. I don't really have exact measurements, but you can't really mess it up. I typically put a little bit of chopped tomato and onion on top and one of my friends garnished with black olives and liked it. It's great on pitas, tortilla chips, veggies, and it has even been put in burritos.

    1. Why not the almighty Guacamole? Also very healthy! (also giving a nod to the lovely hummus...just had some Sabra hummus with celery whilst cooking dinner, too delicious!

      1. Baba Ganoush.Cihilled and smoky with pita chips Ditch thr way over done hummous. It is boring.

        1. The Barefoot Contessa's Pan Fried Onion Dip is outstanding. Just Google it for a recipe.

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            It sure is outstanding, and easy to make.

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              I made this recently for a get together, and people RAVED over it...It was gone in a flash...This puts all the other onion dips to shame...Now, I did alter the recipe by adding an additional 4 oz. of cream cheese, because I felt that the flavor was a bit strong, and was helped greatly by the additional cheese....Thinking of what is still a very popular and delicious dip though, brings to mind, the tried and true clam dip...You know, the one made with cream cheese... This is a good one....

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                That was always one of my DH's favorites. i may hav ti dust that one off again. It has been years, There were also Clam Blobs very 60's an similar. just broiled 7oz, can of chopped clams (not drained) a small pkg. of cream cheese mixed with rh clams. worstershire sauce, garlic and onion powder and curry powder to taste. Mix it all up well and spread on Melba Toast rounds. Broil-3-5 mins. A not says t triple this.

            2. Roasted red pepper, feta, a little garlic, olive oil, process a bit, but leave chunky, yum. (Might have to loosen with a touch of plain yogurt.)