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Jul 15, 2007 02:54 PM

Adding berries to cake batter?

I have some delicious blueberries and I was thinking about making a fluffy vanilla layer cake but adding some of the berries to the batter, maybe crushed up and folded in as the last step of the recipe or should I toss them whole in flour like you would do when making blueberry muffins, and then add them? I'm kind of attempting to make a purple cake if possible. Does this sound like a good idea?
Can I just incorporate blueberries into the batter but not ruin the cake, or do I have to change the recipe in some other way--by adding less liquid in the form of milk, for example?
Any input is greatly appreciated.

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  1. bolletje, you should be fine just mixing the blueberries into the batter and stirring and mashing them up a little as you stir, if you want a purple cake. The only reason you'd want to toss them in flour would be if you were trying to keep them mostly intact. But I don't think any change to the recipe would be necessary.

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      Thanks Andiereid, I think that's what I will do--mash the berries as I add them to the batter.
      I'm using a white cake recipe from a 1950's recipe pamphlet put out by Softasilk cake flour and the recipe has a variation for making a "maraschino cherry cake" where you subtract 1/4 cup of milk and add in 1/4 cup of maraschino juice and 16 diced cherries so maybe I'll just do the variation with blueberries instead.
      I've had great success with all the recipes I've made from this pamphlet, so hopefully it will work out and the cake won't be too dense or get soggy.

    2. If you want a really purply cake try using frozen wild blueberries. They tend to have a deeper colour and frozen fruit bleeds more in the batter. I find regular blueberries give a more of a light blue greenish cast...

      1. Another cake-ish item is a clafoutis which I confess to never having made but is on the list--like a sweet yorkshire pudding with fruit--eggy, puffy, and with the batter soaking up the yummy fruit juices that cook out. Classically made with unpitted cherries or sliced (pitted) plums, can be adapted to other fruits.

        Maybe that's where those blueberries in the fridge will go, instead of the pie I haven't been able to get around to making.

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          unpitted cherries? Sounds like a trip to the dentist.

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            You're supposed to warn your guests beforehand.

            Assuming you like them that is.

          2. re: Louise

            Clafoutis is great - not too sweet and very easy. I've made it with lots of different fruits - including blueberries. I don't toss them in flour beforehand, just toss them in.