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Jul 15, 2007 02:52 PM

denver with kids

I am coming to Denver this summer. Four adults and two kids 8 and 11. We like good food, but not expensive food. We also like beer. We also like our kids to be happy, so we can be happy. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Pasquinis is a good family restaurant that has great micro brews on tap. The 17th Ave. location is great as they have a great patio.

    1. Steubens @ 17th Ave. and Pearl is great for kids and adults. Big portions and stiff drinks.

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        Second the rec for Steubens for kids of all ages.

        I have heard that Strings is very kid-friendly and lets the kids help make desserts.

        I've taken friends' kids to the local chain Noodles and they always love it. There's always Casa Bonita on Colfax...

      2. Try the Trail Dust Steak House in Westminster (NW suburb). They have great steaks & beer, and specialize in keeping kids happy. And it's affordable. Sit up on the balcony & watch them use the slide! If you wear a tie, they'll cut it off and give you a free beer! It's a fun place.

        Jerry Saywell