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Anyone tried Metro Kathmandu yet?

It's a new Himalayan/Nepalese place on Divis between Oak and Page. I saw the owner yelped themselves, but no reviews as yet. I'm curious, because I"m a huge Tibetan fan and currently just go to Taste of the Himalayas and Tibet Cafe, and would welcome another source for momos.

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  1. Um, it has to actually open before any of us and rush there and review it.

    1. They had a "friends and neighbors" opening party last night, with official opening happening this Tuesday. Last night they served deep fried shrimp with two kinds of curry-ish sauce, a lamb dish that was cubed kind of like a stew but wasn't in a sauce (sorry, that's a lame description), tomato/cucumber salad, and samosas that came with a dark, sweet sauce. Everything tasted good and I looked at the menu briefly--nothing over $10 and lots of interesting sounding options. I noticed a grapefruit/citrus salad I'm looking forward to trying.

      I'm not really familiar with Nepalese/Tibetan food, but my impression from the menu is that it is more of a fusion of South Indian and Tibetan. I may be wrong on that.

      The interior is nice and they really opened up the bar area--looks like a good setup for solo dining.

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        Shrimp and citrus are not exactly native products from Tibet and Nepal. Sounds good otherwise.

      2. Just went there tonight. Tried a mango soju cocktail and the chicken momos. The momos were pretty good, nicely spiced and with a tomato chutney. The interior was really cute and they've got a nice backyard patio I hope they'll be making use of. Service was totally attentive. There's a jar of pickled radishes on the bar, homemade by the owner's mom or something. They had a lot of other small plates on the menu I wanted to try, so I plan on going back soon. As for the food, they may bill themselves Nepalese but it seems more straight-up Indian influenced.

        1. stopped in last night (friday) on a whim about 8:45pm. restaurant was about 2/3 full, felt bustling and lively. there's a nice bar towards the back of the restaurant that had a number of open seats. the service was great, friendly--the owner recognized my boyfriend, who had dined at the restaurant prior to its reincarnation (when it was le metro?) and was very welcoming. wine and water was continually refilled. didn't feel rushed at all, even though we stayed til about 10:45 or so, and only 2 other people were left in the restaurant by the time we left.

          the food--i was a little wary at first b/c the menu seemed to be that of just another indian place, with the exception of some of the apps--which it kind of is. but, at least it's good. had the chicken momos, which were served with what tasted like a peanuty sauce (was it supposed to be tomato chutney?)--good, surprisingly tasted similar to chinese dumplings! nice delicate wrapper, nice-sized mouthful of meat. then, had the daily fish kebab (tilapia)--good sized serving, simply grilled with a few spices, perfectly cooked. good, but nothing that memorable. for entree, had the lamb saag--pretty similar to versions i've had at north indian restaurants, except less creamy and heavy--which is a good thing. but, would have liked more chunks of lamb in there. we had two orders of the roti to accompany the saag, which was really good, not buttery, came out warm. i might actually prefer this to naan, which they don't have on the menu anyway. finally, we had a dessert--the pistachio kulfi. this was just ok--kinda bland, but at least it was light, which is a nice way to cap off a meal with such strong spicy flavors. had a very good, affordable earthy bottle of rhone (sorry, can't remember the name). the wine list was impressive -- nice variety and good number of affordable bottles.

          i would definitely stop in again if i were in the mood for lighter indian food in a more upscale, trendy environment in the neighborhood.

          1. I've been once but it was right when they opened so I can't quite recall what we had. I do remember being impressed by almost every dish (we ordered about six). The service was wonderful, the owner is a dear. It's a cute space and nice addition to the neighborhood.

            It's true that the dishes are almost all under $10 but they are extremely small. I remember we each just had one bite of each plate (there were four of us), so it can add up quickly.

            I keep meaning to go back.

            1. We've been to Metro Kathmandu twice already. The momos and lamb dishes were exquisite. The momos reminded were delicately wrapped in steamed dough, and were subtly flavored. The lamb dish was wonderfully spicy.

              We were surprised by the quality of wine list (of all things in a Nepalese restaurant!). The owner loves wine, and has made an effort to put affordable, Nepalese food friendly wines on his list. Lots of German and Alsatian wines on the menu, which are a perfect foil to intricately spiced dishes.

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                Thanks for the update. I love momos. Will have to try these.

                Metro Kathmandu
                311 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

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                  Did you notice if they shabalay (fried meat pies) or churu (Tibetan blue cheese) and chili soup? Those are a couple of things I'd go out of my way for.

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                    Doesn't have them on their website (see Place link)

                    They are slightly fusion-y. As they write...
                    "Using this East-meets-West platform, we invite you to try our creative menu"

                    So given some of the brunch items like Chorizo Hash with Two Poached Eggs and Cilantro Crème Fraiche served with cumin Potato and roti bread ... I'm thinking they probably don't even for specials.

                    They have a $ 22.00 Three-Course prix fixe Menu

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                      Yikes, that brunch menu is all over the map. And no lunch service? Dinner seems more true to form, though it seems to show more South Indian crossover than one would expect. Ah, well, I've always got Chez Gatse waiting when I pass through Montreal.