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Vosges Chocolate?

Does anyone know where I can get Vosges Chocolate bars in Toronto? I really want to try a few of there more exotic flavours. Bacon and chocolate=yum.



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  1. I haven't seen it in Toronto, but you can get it at the Wegman's in and around Buffalo. That's where I get mine...

    1. sorry I can't be helpful but wanted to chime in...incredible test for a bar chcolate and love all the detailed instructions about how to get the full taste experience

      1. I was drooling uncontrollably over the website until I read their FAQ and saw this: "To ship to Canada via International Ground the minimum shipping cost is $32" (??!!??)

        Instant heartburn. I certainly haven't seen these goodies anywhere in Toronto - given that their ice cream retailers are all located south of the border and their ridiculous shipping costs, I'm going to guess they're strictly US right now.

        The closest match I can think of offhand that IS available here at reasonable cost is Dagoba chocolate. I've found their bars in a few specialty shops (my sources are Noah's Natural Foods at Yonge and Charles, and The Mercantile at College and Shaw) The lavender and blueberry bar is to die for, as is their Chocolatl with hot peppers and spices.

        There are also some great exotic flavours at Soma in the Distillery - a little box with olive oil, aged balsamic, mayan spice and orange marzipan truffles is a must whenever I'm there.

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          Yes, I've always wanted to order some Vosges chocolate, but the price of shipping is just too much! I would love to try the Black Pearl chocolate, but haven't heard of anything comparable.
          For the original poster, I know that Zotter also sells a bacon chocolate bar. Here is their website: http://www.zotter.at/chocolate-galler...
          But I'm not sure if shipping would be any better, as I had some bars brought back from Germany by a friend.

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            I went on both websites...and man oh man...I gotta get some of those chocolates.
            WOW...talk about bringing the world of chocolate to a new level.

        2. Holt Renfrew carried them a few years ago - not sure if they still do. We had the curry and the wasabi bars. Didn't wow me for the price - the flavours were great but the chocolate itself was waxy.

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            FYI...I just got back from a run to Buffalo. The Wegman's that I went to had 3 types of the Vosges bars at $4.99 US each, cheaper than buying then direct from Vosges.

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              Don't keep us in suspense! Which ones did you get, and how are they??

              1. re: idnas

                I got 2 of the Barcelonas (milk chocolate, hickory-roasted almonds, grey sea salt), which to my taste are really nice--I like the sweet-salty combination. I didn't try either of the others (one with goji berries, one with chilies) because I also bought a pile of Scharffen Berger bars and I thought that I needed to show some self-control...

                1. re: foodie_expat

                  I'll definitely put a Barcelona on my shopping list next time I go to Buffalo.

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                    Add a red fire and a oaxaca to your list if you like spicy chocolate. Those are addictive. The naga is delicious as well. The chocolate and curry flavours blend surprisingly well.

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      I picked up an oaxaca in NYC this week. You're right. Definitely addictive. Sadly that's the only kind that store had and I didn't have time to shop around. Glad to see Food Tourist's post about Boncheff, or else I'd likely be heading to Whole Foods and paying through the nose for my next fix!

          2. Found them at Whole Foods. Looked like at least 10 varieties. $13.99 a bar!

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            1. re: h2o

              Thanks! I'm so there tomorrow!

              Also agree that the Dagoba Lavender bar is heavenly.

              1. re: h2o

                That is highway robbery!!! $4.99 a bar at Wegmans' in Buffalo. Whole Paycheck strikes again...

                1. re: foodie_expat

                  wow, why so expensive (the over $14/bar)? We found them at a small, small wine shop near our home in Western NC and they are $7.99 per bar.

                  1. re: leahinsc

                    That price is RIDICULOUS !!! I bought some in the Vosges store in Las Vegas and they were 7 dollars a bar which I think is a fairly standard price in the states.

                    The new bacon one is pretty good btw.

              2. Found Vosges bars at Boncheff on Olivewood today...for $8.99 a bar. They didn't have Barcelona (my fave flavour) or Black Pearl, but they have Naga curry, Creole espresso, Calindia cardamom, and a few more.

                1. I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is still looking...

                  Just got back from Summerhill Market and it turns out they carry quite the variety of Vosges bars -- about 8 or 9 flavours, including my favourites: oaxaca, red fire and naga.

                  I think they were $11.99/bar.

                  446 Summerhill Ave.

                  1. 3 varieties found at Dana Jordan in Bayview Village mall for $8.95.

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                      For those craving them in southwest Ontario, I have seen Vosges, including the Mo's Bacon Bar, in several spots around Detroit and Ann Arbor - $6.99 at Whole Foods, $7.99 at Zingerman's. Last time I was at Wegmans in Buffalo, there didn't appear to be a space for bacon (though they did carry the Goji and Wasabi varieties).

                      1. re: jamie

                        I was just at Wegmans a few weeks ago, and they appear to have expanded their selection of Vosges bars (although no Bacon Bar). On sale for 4.99/ea.

                      2. re: Food Tourist

                        I checked Dana Jordan recently and they seem to have stopped carrying it.

                        I know Fiesta Farms carries some flavours now for $8.99.

                        I was at Wegman's in Buffalo the other day and picked up a few for $5.99.

                      3. You can buy Vosges Chocolates in Toronto, at The Mercantile
                        297 Roncesvalles Avenue - Phone :416-531-7563

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                          The Mercantile does have Vosges bars, but not the bacon one. And they were awfully snooty when I enquired about it - I won't go back. Lots of other places in town if I'm going to buy overpriced goods.

                        2. These are old news now, but I am bumping this up because I found the bars (and some other Vosges items) at McEwan. $10 a bar, which even seems like a good price compared to some noted above... I picked up the bacon bar and the blood orange caramel (with hibiscus and campari)

                          1. I found these at McEwan's for $9.99 I believe.

                            1. Don't expect to taste bacon in the bacon bar. I picked up some direct at the Vosges shop in NYC. The bacon comes across as salty bits in the chocolate. Barely enough there to get any taste of bacon.

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                                I loved the bacon milk chocolate bar. Wasn't so sure it would work with dark chocolate. Didn't love the texture of the bacon bits but thought the flavour was great. I didn't like the blood
                                orange caramel bar much.

                              2. i just went into vincenzo's grocery store at westlake and danforth *near main and they carry vosges (7.99) and some other very fancy chocolate bars. that place is amazing.

                                1. Necro'ing this old thread, but I am looking for these and haven't found them. Checked McEwans, they only had 1 flavour, does anyone know places in and around Toronto that might have them? I want to try the Mo Bacon and Barcelona in particular. Any places in SLM carry them?

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                                  1. re: Wil

                                    Give Summerhill Market a call -- they used to carry a pretty wide selection.

                                    1. re: Wil

                                      I saw them at a cheese/gourmet store on Yonge north of Davisville last spring.

                                      1. re: Wil

                                        Don't bother with the Bacon. You can barely tell it's there. Very tiny bits of saltiness is all you'll taste.

                                        1. re: sbug206

                                          Sorry sbug206... but I have to disagree. While the bacon itself is very much as you described in terms of texture and size, I find that it gives the whole bar a hickory smokiness that seems to compliment the (delicious) Milk chocolate (and I am a DARK choc fan). I found most of the saltiness came from the Alderwood salt (makes sense to me)

                                          Now, if I could only find it at a decent price without a trip to Wegman's...

                                          1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                                            I agree...if you find them Wil, you should at least try the bacon so you can weigh in on the debate!

                                        2. re: Wil

                                          In the west end, Cheese Boutique carries Vosges. I'm not sure about the Barcelona, but they definately have the bacon one

                                          1. re: Wil

                                            Thanks for the replies everyone, I will be on a mission next week to acquire, and I will weigh in on it's delciousness! I am sure it will be a matter of awesome vs suprememly awesome :)

                                            1. re: Wil

                                              Yeah, the quality of their chocolate is excellent, so you can't really go wrong. My latest favourite from them is the Black Salt Caramel bar. Sooo good.

                                          2. Harvest Wagon in Rosedale &Pusateri's,both carry these bars

                                            1. I buy mine at Whole Foods.