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Jul 15, 2007 01:49 PM

Looking to buy a Tres Leche Cake

It's too hot to bake, but a friend has a special request for a Tres Leche Cake for his birthday. Does anyone know of bakeries that make them??

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  1. I bought one at Restaurant Depot. As long as you work in some kind of business and it does not have to be food, you may shop there. It is in Needham. They sell a tres leche cake in the frozen cake area. I brought one to work with me for a co-worker's birthday. I had been dying to eat one and they are difficult to find around here. What is so nice about this cake is that it is large enough to serve a group of people and you can decorate the top of it so that it looks like you made it yourself. I thought to myself that next time I would use fresh raspberries, mangoes and some passion fruit. We ate it without the fruit at my little soiree at work and it was luscious beyond belief and I served it to many discriminating palates. It was so good that everyone of us overate and we did have belly aches but it was because it was so rich and we ate a ton of it. I thought it was a great cake.

    1. FYI, a lot of Latin American families use home-based cake makers and so on, many of whom make impressive concoctions. I don't recall any latino oriented bakeries in Waltham (I believe I saw a tres leches type cake at Victory before it came the Hanniford), but you might be able to get the card of a cake maker at a latino store -- La Chapincita on Moody or maybe that convenience store on Charles st. I would say you are specifically looking for a cake maker, unless you want them to be a intermediary (if that helps for language reasons).

      In Union Sq in Somerville, there is a Salvadoran (?) baker which has nice looking cakes, on Somerville ave a few doors down from La Internacional. Also Brazilian bakeries do their own version, but the only one which might be closer is Allston and I can't say how their cakes are (I have had their yucca cakes, etc, but nothing frosted).

      1. Thrilled you asked! I plan to try the tres leche cake at Chez Henri over restaurant week. Paul O'Connell was on television this morning with one (

        If it's as good as it looks I'll be in the market to find a bakery that sells them as well.

        1. Maybe Panaderia Rincon Guatemalteco,(430 River St., Waltham, 781-893-0044) would make one for you?

          Her conchas and breads are good- I don't know if she does cakes or not.

          1. I don't know if it's too late for you, but Tito's Bakery at 333 Broadway, Chelsea, MA - (617) 884-3313 makes tres leches cake. My niece ordered one for her wedding and it was delicious