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Jul 15, 2007 01:36 PM

Eats in Oneonta?

Heading up for the BBHOF induction, staying in Oneonta for a couple of nights. Will be driving in from Cleveland. Looking for tips on Oneonta (other than Brooks...that one I've heard about already) as well as anything really interesting along Hwy 86 coming across the state. Thanks!

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  1. mean OneONta ;)

    See this post for some ideas:

    And one teeny side note...I think you want to take Highway 88...not sure where there's an 86...

    1. From Cleveland, you would be coming across most of NY State on future 86 (I think it's still 17 now) in Binghamton you will get on 88 to Oneonta.

      But in terms of food, there are some nice places besides Brook's. On Main Street you should try the Autumn Cafe. They have great food, good wine and frequently feature musical entertainment. They also have a nice deck out back for summer dining. Also on the Main drag but on the east end twords Brook's is the Phoenix Cafe. They have great fresh specials and I had the best Tandori Chicken of my life in the little, could miss it if your not looking converted ice cream shop. For lunch the Undercover Eggplant is a good place for specialty sandwiches and creative wraps. During the school year it's a favorite of college students, so you know it's affordable. The Eggplant is on Chestnut Street. Out twords the Soccer Hall of Fame, you will find Pie in Sky Ice Cream. This stuff is amazing and comes in an array of seasonal flavors. Last fall I had a pumpkin pie cone and I still remember that taste.

      You can go to Christopher's for pretty good steaks and a large salad bar. I find it a little run of the mill but it is very popular.

      The restaurants get better and better the closer you get to Cooperstown and you won't find a shortage of great places to eat around the BBHOF. The Pepper Mill is an old favorite out in that direction.

      1. Try Stella Luna for decent Italian in O-town - a less expesnive twin by the same owners is Italian Kitchen. Forget Christophers! Sabatinis is OK for large groups. Autumn is ok. Rarely have good luck with the Phoenix. In Cooperstown try Hoffman's Bistro - we love the Blue Mingo grill on the lake - forget the Otesaga. The terrace at NYSHA (Fenimore House) is nice for lunch. Al Frescos (O-town) has great pizza. C-town Nicolette's is godd (Italian again) - let me know if you want more specifics

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          We use to go up to that area a couple years back and I agree with Stella Luna, thought it was the best Italian around. Sabatini's was ok and there was another one down past Brooks, I think it was called the Farmhouse, food was ok but it had a pretty decent salad bar. Christopher's is a great place to stay (very themed rustic rooms) but only go to the restaurant if your desperate.