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Jul 15, 2007 01:17 PM

Nearly knifeless cooking?

Hi all,

Yesterday, I ended up with four stitches on my right index finger (I'm right-handed), which has put a major roadblock in my cooking plans for the week.

I can't get my right hand wet, and can't do anything that requires bending my index finger--which pretty much rules out most knife work. (I tried holding the knife with my remaining fingers, but it just wasn't happening.)

Last night, I managed to cook soft-shelled crabs (battered and deep-fried, served with some Szechuan pepper salt and lime wedges that were thankfully already cut up in the fridge), and chilled asparagus with a mayo/mustard dip (I broke the tough ends off manually). I was able to cook (and eat!) these with just my left hand.

I'm trying to think of what else I can make "single-handedly." So far, I figiure I can do quesadillas (using pre-shredded cheese), and stir-fries using pre-cut wegetable mixes and meat (luckily, I have several good Asian markets nearby), and steamed artichokes.

Do any of you have suggestions for other single-handed meals? I would be most grateful!


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  1. Well, you can still tear *stuff* (for lack of a better word, heh! I have 3 sons) up, certainly....hmmm....I'm thinking along the lines of cooked chicken that you can either tear up with your left hand and remaining fingers of right hand or shred with a fork...okay, ground beef/turkey is an option here, too, right? I'm grasping, I know, just throwing out ideas (trying to imagine what it would be like)..turkey chili or white chili comes to mind (though I'm aware of how HOT it is everywhere...) can definitely tear up some romaine & red peppers for a salad and add some torn up cooked chicken...geez, this is harder than you would think! By the way, hope you heal up quickly! Sorry you were injured!

    1. Lots of simple pasta dishes won't require using a knife. Baked zitis, penne pomodoro, fettucine alfredo.

      Also shrimp, scallops and most fish should be able to be made without a knife. maybe a light mesclun salad with seared scallops or even shrimp scampi. You can buy pre-shelled shrimp and use a garlic press. Most cooked fish will be tender enough after cooking to cut with a fork rather than a knife.

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        My local supermarket stocks "tubs" of freshly diced onion, pepper, squash etc. that could be a base for stir fries, soups, pizzas, scrambled eggs etc. The roasted chicken from a deli or BBQ joint ... as Val a good idea. You can find precut frozen chives and onions in the freezer section. Jars of finely diced garlic.

        Over the years I have had a few bad hand cuts and they always seem to come about a day or two before I am planning a big party. One year I was trimming those little knots from under my Golden's ears with a pair of sharp scissors...when I sort of sliced off the tip of my middle finger about outch!! The next day my dear husband is left with doing all of the prep work for a dinner party of 40 friends...cutting, dicing, putting things in and out of the oven while I sit back and "supervise." The party goes without a flaw and I get all the praise. He teases me that I plan my wounds based around our entertainment schedule