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Jul 15, 2007 01:11 PM

Important dinner this friday for 6

Coming into the city (from boston) this friday night and taking my father out with some other good friends. Looking for something top quality maybe Asian/Asian Influence, French or something totally unique. Any ideas??? price point unlimited

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    1. Hi bowmore36,

      Since it is this Friday some restaurants like Per Se or Babbo will be out as they require really advanced reservations.

      Would you consider your father and friends as "adventurous eaters"? If so, and if causal atmosphere is ok, then you can try Momofuku Ssam Bar. This is a fusion Asian restaurant, and it is totally unique (as far as I know) in NYC. Order the Bo Ssam ahead of time (like the day before) and you can reserve a table there (they don't accept reservation normally). The bo ssam is an amazing roasted pork shoulder good for 6 or more people. There are other amazing dishes (the offal dishes are very unique and delicious!), and the way they prepare vegetables were also very impressive. If you do a search on Momofuku Ssam on this board (not the sister restaurant Momofuku Noodle Bar; I personally like Ssam Bar much much better), you will see a lot of recommendations.

      If you prefer more upscale fine dining then Jean Georges will be great. For Italian you can try Del Posto which is expensive but their pasta is as good as it gets IMO.

      Hope you have a wonderful dinner!

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        thanks for the responses... i'm actually suprised that i wasn't flooded with others.
        we ended up at telepan. i tried all of the above, momofuku, not taking res, emp booked.
        any thoughts on telepan?

        1. re: bowmore36

          I'm surprised that EMP is fully booked since we were able to get a table at the last minute a week ago Friday and the room was not at all full. I can't comment on Telepan because I've not been yet.

          How many will be dining with you? There are certainly other options. For example, Urena is, in my view, one of the most underrated restaurants in Manhattan because Chef/owner Alex Urena's creative, Spanish-inspired cuisine is fabulous! I think the restaurant is still suffering from the negative criticisms after it first open related to the somewhat awkward space (true) and the harsh lighting (since nicely adjusted). I find the atmospherics very pleasant and comfortable, i.e., none of that hideously close seating that would make a sardine squirm. There's an interesting wine list, the staff is friendly, and service is efficient. You should not have any difficulty getting a table for this coming Friday.

          1. re: RGR

            URENA! It's my favorite (underrated) great NYC spot for innovative, flavorful food. Every dish is a treasure....

            1. re: RGR

              thanks for the rec! i think we will try lunch at urena. the menu looks great.
              it turned out that there will be 8 of us... telepan it is for now

              1. re: bowmore36

                Lunch at Urena will have to wait until after Labor Day since they've suspended it for the summer.

          2. re: kobetobiko

            The Bo Ssam is getting booked up a whole lot now, so I would definitely recommend calling more than a day in advance. A few weeks, to be safe.

            1. re: Toot

              what about the restaurants at the Time Life Building?