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Jul 15, 2007 12:43 PM

Ethnic Restaruants in the Naperville area

Will be in the Napierville area next week, and am always on the lookout for good ethnic food. While anything authentic can work, our preferences tend to run to the other side of the Pacific. Thanks for the recommendations, folks!

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  1. I've been struggling to find some decent ethnic options in Naperville for a couple months now. My best luck has been along a stretch of Ogden Rd from Ramond Drive to Naper Blvd.

    Cho dang tofu - the best and most unique option is a Korean run restaurant with Tofu as an ingredient in all the dishes. They serve a very interesting mix of sides with the meal - a selectin of 4-5 small plates of salads, kimche, marinated soy eans, etc.

    Cuisines of India - in the same strip mall as Cho Dang. Not the best Indian I have ever had, but the best I have found in the area. A good lunch buffet.

    Joy Yee - I hear mixed reviews about Joy Yee since its a small chain and is really a jumble of all types of Asian cooking, but I like it. They have a huge menu, interesting presentations, lots of variety, and quick service.

    Have not been ot Fabulous Noodle yet, but hear that its very good.

    Lemon Grass - good authentic Thai. Once again, not what you will find at the best Chicago spots (Sticky Rice, TAC, Spoon) but as good as anything else in the area.

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      We ate at Cuisine of India yesterday and thought the buffet was improved over the last time we were there 2 years ago. I believe there is new ownership. The buffet was well attended and kept fresh. At noon, the dining room was full and quite a number of Indian families were, we thought that a good sign.

    2. Not sure where in the Naperville area you'll be (it's grown like mad!) but if you're west there's a good Thai restaurant over in Aurora at Rt 31 (Lake St) & Indian Trail. It's in a schlunky-looking strip mall but the food is good. It did hit a slump at one point when a former owner did things like serve old tea (what a stupid way to chintz out) and smaller portions. He's long gone now and I think things are back to good though it has been a few months since I've been. Delicious green curry.
      Looks like a brand new website, not all pages there yet but you'll find location info.

      1. Spring Garden at Rt. 59 & N. Aurora is one of our faves. The food is very fresh, and the sauces aren't too heavy. They do Chinese, Thai and Sushi, and, most importantly, they are BYOB!

        1. Masala Yangu recently opened in downtown Naperville. It offers a "potpurri of African, Arab and Indian cultures" and is located on Jefferson Ave. just east of Washington St. in a huge white mansion. I haven't been there yet but heard from others that it is very good.

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            I have eaten there this past weekend. The food was very tasty. Spicey, similar to other cuisines of North African/ Eastern Mediterranean. Lots of beef. I liked it. The space is oddly laid out, was formerly a snack shop or something, not uncomfortable, just a little unusual.

            Had live music too. Overall, a pleasant experience, and unique. I hope they do well. Very much a family operation.

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              I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I hope to go soon. It is in the "Jefferson Hill Shops" building, a very large white mansion that a former mayor of Naperville and family used to live in. It is in the space that occupied the long-standing Jefferson Hill Tea Room. I was surprised to hear it closed after so many years. The owner of Masala Yangu is a musician as well and his band plays there along with other musicians and entertainers. Sounds intriguing. (Quigleys Irish Pub is in the lower section of the same building).

          2. Thank you- thank you- thank you for all the replies so far.... spot on for what we hoped to see. Keep 'em coming, and please accept my apologies for misspelling Naperville!


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              A couple other's I've tried recently:

              Indian Harvest on 1021 W Ogden. Not much to look at, but a nice Indian Buffet. I wasn't impressed on my first visit but its grown on me as I've returned. An excellent option for vegetarians, although meat options are more limited. Tandoori chicken and Nan are complementary with the buffet that comes to about $13 for lunch.

              MaPo. 1563 Naperville Wheaton Rd. Used to be Old Peking. Rumor has it that the daughter of the owner took over, renamed it and refreshed the menu. Very good selection of Chinese specialties including the enormous soup bowls that were a specialty at Old Peking as well as a variety of new options. You won't walk away hungry.