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Jul 15, 2007 12:26 PM

Sister just moved to COlumbia,MD

Can you tell me where to eat when I drive up to visit her next week. We like everything. I'd like a couple of take out places, a nice moderately priced place for lunch, and where to food &foodie shop.

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  1. There are several recent chains that you may wish to use the search funtion to locate eats and shopping. I personally like House of India and Maiwand Kebobs for carry out.

    For your lunch you may wish to drive to Ellicott City and have lunch around the antique stores, up to Baltimore or over to Annapolis. All very easy drives.

    Columbia is in the process of getting a Harris-Teeter, Wegmans, and Trader Joes. But none are open. In the mean time there are a couple of "natural" markets (Davids and the Produce Market) in Wilde Lake, a MOM organic market at Rtes 32&1. The closest Trader Joes is down Rte 29 in Silver Spring just north of the beltway. Whole Foods is in Towson, Rockville, or Gaithersburg.

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      Oops forgot a couple of stores, Lotte asian market in Ellicott City near Rtes 40&29. Another Whole Foods in "downtown" Silver Spring. And I will second Smokey Hollow for BBQ next to Hopkins APL.

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        The MOM is at 175 and 1 in Jessup, FYI. In the old shopping center where the Burlington Coat Factory used to be.

        Take out pizza is best at Trattoria e Pizzeria da Enrico in the Kings Contrivance Village Center. They don't deliver. You will have to go pick up.

      2. Funny -- I also have a relative who just moved to Columbia, so I'm up that way every so often. Here are a few places that I've tried: Sushi Sono is a quite good sushi place right in central Columbia; Maiwand Kebob is a very good hole-in-the-wall, and if you drive south for about 5 minutes on 29, you'll find Smokey Hollow, a really good barbeque place where they know what they're doing. Ribs and pulled pork are excellent here.

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          Yes, I love Sushi Sono. We live in DC but go there anytime we're going to a concert at Merriwether Post. I actually think it's better than any of the sushi restaurants we've been in DC. Also, they take reservations for larger parties (maybe 5 or more?) but will do call ahead seating for smaller ones. Website:

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            Where is this Smokey Hollow place? Off of 216???

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                Smokey Hollow is quite good -- not up to the Andy Nelson's bar, but quite good nonetheless. Here's a thread where a lot of people, including me, posted their impressions.


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                  Thanks, too for the discussion link, JP. This is so close to my house it is not even funny.


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                  Thanks for the link it looks great!

            1. Iron Bridge Wine Co.
              Cafe de Paris
              Pho Dat Thanh
              House of India
              Bangkok Garden
              Sushi Sono
              Sushi King


              1. I think the food at Clyde's is pretty good actually. Good lunch spot.

                CLYDE'S OF COLUMBIA
                10221 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, MD 21044
                Phone (410) 730-2829

                1. Columbia is home to my favorite Chinese restaurant. Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro off of Rte 108. Delicious Crispy Eggplant!

                  Columbia is laden with highly-visible chain restaurants. Don't be afraid to try some of the independent ones in shopping malls because they are often good finds.

                  That same shopping center has a Thai restaurant (can't remember the name -- it's farther back in the group, near a Quizno's) that we like a lot. Their veggies are nice and fresh! Drunken Noodle is yummy.