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Comparable thai to Sripraphai

Hi, I came here from NYC where I had the best thai of my life at a place called Sripraphai. Has anyone here in LA been there and are any of thai places here comparable in quality?

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      I'd be just fine with that. Have you been to Sripraphai?

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        I live a block from Sripraphai and go there often enough and agree it is probably the best overall you'll find in NYC, though not necessarily plate for plate (there are places for better individual dishes in the Thai neighborhoods in Elmhurst). And I still pine for Thai food from LA. It doesn't get much better than the stuff you get around Thai town, North Hollywood, or Norwalk. It's because, just like in the native Thailand, most restaurants concentrate on a few things they specialize in, and that's what you get (or should get). The community in LA is large enough to support this. If you really like Thai food, go to the many dozens of places and seek out the specialties. You'll probably find them better than what Sripraphai has to offer.

    2. Having never been to Sripraphai, it's hard for me to say what is comparable. What aspects of Sripraphai do you like? Are there any dishes or regional cuisine that you like?

      1. Here's someone else from New York who had the same question recently:

        1. I've also recently moved from NYC to LA, and have found that the quality of Thai food here is generally far higher than what I got on the east coast. The lunch I had at Ruen Pair (5257 Hollywood) today was on par with dishes from Sripraphai.

          1. I have to put in a vote for Nad Pob. If they offered the seafood variation that Srip makes, their papaya salad would be #1 IMO. They also give you good portions and have a friendly place that is open *late*.

            Was not too impressed by Sanamluang (?), and their place is kinda unpleasant to eat in.

            RCA has very clean and good food, but I have found them very inconsistent. They even gave me spoiled food once, something that had never happened to me at any other Thai restaurant. They have the best interior of all the Thai Town places I've tried. Too bad I can't count on the food to always be good.

            Thai Patio is decent, but not good enough to choose it over the above.

            Last up is Ruen Pair, which was relaunched recently. Again, good but not great. I have found the food to be some what boring looking and lacking in flavor. Seems overrated based on all the hype I had heard.

            So current fave is Nad Pob, though it lacks the dessert madness of Srip. You can always do a circuit and hit the dessert shop in Thailand Plaza, which does beat Srip.

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              I'm glad to see Nad Pob mentioned here. I've been ordering from there frequently, and everything I've had from there has been very good. They certainly do NOT skimp on the heat -- even ordering their spicy dishes with "medium" heat renders them almost too spicy for me, and I have a pretty high heat tolerance.

              >>> If they offered the seafood variation that Srip makes, their papaya salad would be #1 IMO. <<<

              I thought they had a green papaya salad with crab on the menu?

            2. Oh, and I must agree that LA Thai food is a cut above east coast stuff. The baseline is just higher.

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                i'm underr the impression that new york thai food (sirarphai in queens, being one of the best supposedly) still can't hold a candle to the stuff you get in LA.

                having said that the closest stuff, to Sirap, in LA would be Renu Nakorn in Norwalk (don't know if it re-opened after extensive remodeling in its' strip mall location) and also Jitlada in Hollywood, and Sananluuang is always great for quick, greasy, theough still suprsingly authentic thai in a mcdonald's/burger kind fast food settinng.

                1. re: kevin

                  Renu Nakorn is still closed, but Thai Nakorn is open in Stanton and is just as good. And yes, I've been to Sripraphai, and it's a very good Thai restaurant, but this is one of those reverse-New-York-pizza things -- while the very best of New York pizza in LA is about as good as your typical neighbourhood place in Manhattan, the very best of Thai food in New York is about as good as your slightly-better-than-average Thai neighbourhood joint... and the great stuff is... fantastic.

                  What a shame you are here after the closing of the food booths at the Wat Thai... while the food wasn't as excellent as a controlled kitchen, the atmosphere was more Thai than anything in the city.

                  That said, to the OP -- you need to go to the suburbs. Hollywood's Thai Town is a good place to start, but you need to head to North Hollywood (Sherman Way from the 170 west to about Woodman), or down here to OC to Stanton, the Town That LA Forgot, to go to Thai Nakorn.

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    Heard through the grape vine that Renu Nakorn is NOT re-opening at its old location as the owners could not wait for the expansion to complete.

                    The second bit of news is RN owners have since opened a new Thai restaurant on Carson St somewhere close to the 605.

                    Can anyone confirm ye/ne?

                    1. re: TonyC

                      I've eaten at the Thai Nakorn location on Stanton. I thought they were the same owners as Renu Nakorn. Was I mistaken?

                      If you think about it, the food booths at the Wat Thai temple all came from neighborhood Thai joints, particularly in North Hollywood. The temple just gave us a convenient way to get to all of them at once. But it's not like all the skill disappeared into the ether once the food court stopped -- it just went back to the restaurants from which they came.

                      I'm a big Jitlada fan, but at the moment the Thai restaurant that I like is Ganda.

              2. Like you, I'm a former New Yorker who loved Sripraphai. Here, I'm a fan of Krua Thai in North Hollywood on Sherman Way. Their salted blue crab is amazing, as are their noodle soups.