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Jul 15, 2007 12:21 PM

Dinner in Annapolis with a Toddler?

Any ideas for a decent dinner in Annapolis where a toddler wouldn't be out of place? We're looking for good, reasonably-priced food of any sort and good service (can't linger with a 2 yr. old) on a Saturday evening. Outdoor seating would be a definite plus.

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  1. Let me preface this by saying I don't have kids, but Ram's Head is normally pretty quick, decent food and if you are out on the patio probably room for the little one to wander. Food for adults and I am sure something the toddler would like, but on a Saturday night they might be very busy because they normally have music.

    Reynold's Tavern also has a lot of outdoor seating, but I don't know how toddler friendly they are.

    Perhaps also someplace on the water like Sam's on Cantler's (Sam's is easier to get to than Cantler's) might also serve to keep the little one a little more entertained?

    1. I don't know if he's normally there on Saturday nights, but one of the owners of Chick and Ruth's is an amateur magician. I've seen him amusing kids at Sunday breakfast--you might call to see if he'll be around when you are. (I've not been there at night--perhaps someone else could opine on whether it's kid-friendly then.)

      1. I second Ram's Head, they deal with children very well, and I also second Chick and Ruths, although it may be a little more casual than you're looking for.

        The two other dinner outings we did when the kids were small were picnics (takeout pizza or a sandwich from the market stalls) at the docks, so the kids could run around, or Joss Cafe. My kids love their steamed rice and the staff was happy to dish that up very quickly. The waiters were very friendly and good with the kids. However, I don't recommend trying to go to Joss on a Saturday night. They'd be way to busy.

        On a side note, we would occasionally take a picnic lunch to Quiet Waters park, about 15 min from Annapolis. They have a great playground for kids and if you drive farther into the park, there's a off-leash area for dogs and past that are nice picnic tables overlooking the river with a path down to the water. We'd usually stop by Whole Foods (Riva & Aris T Allen) for the picnic supplies.

        1. Let's see. First of all Quiet Waters has no food service. You can take in a picnic if you would like. There is Grumps, The Main Ingredient, even (God Forgive) a McDonalds less that 1/4 miles from the the main gate. We have two three year olds (twins) and have never been disappointed by the Chart House in Eastport. Inside or outside they cater to the kids. There are always children there. For adult meals we get a baby sitter and go elsewhere, ie. Les Follies, O'Leary's, Lewnes, Lemongrass... The point is The Chart House is easily accessible, the view is great and the food is; well it is The Chart House. Hope you have a great time.

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            The Rockfish is another great place for kids - there is a big fish tank to keep them occupied if they need a break from the table, and the menu runs the gamut from steak and seafood to pizzas, good choices for all ages. Carrol's Creek has outdoor, waterfront seating and it is also great for kids - most of the management staff have kids and there is a family bathroom, which makes potty runs easier, as well as diaper changes. They are really good about putting together kid friendly food as well!

            Note for the post above - Whole Foods is at Rt 2 (Solomon's Island Rd) and Aris T Allen (not Riva).

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              Our 2yo enjoyed the open kitchen at Rockfish. We saw plenty of well-behaved toddlers there - had trouble prying her away from the fishtank at the end of the evening.

          2. My old standby for dining on a weekend night with small children is the Double T Diner at the corner of Rte 2 and West Street (enter from access rd off West St). The have some yummy food available and the diner atmosphere strikes the right note with most kids. The wait staff are friendly and efficient. No outdoor seating, though.