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Which restaurants do you want to try in Hudson Valley?

With so many restaurants in the Hudson Valley (from Westchester and points north & west) which restaunts have you intrigued enough to really want to try regardless of distance. I get so many ideas from this board and other sources that I have a list 2 feet long, some include Q in Portchester, One in Irvington, Caterinna de Medici up in Hyde Park (CIA), Quinta Steakhouse over in Rockland, Thai Garden in Sleepy Hollow, X2O in Yonkers, Shadows up in Poughkeepsie, Azzurri in Thornwood and Tango Grill in White Plains. This is just a small portion of my list but it's a start. Which ones are on your mind??

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  1. If you want to try some restaurants north of Westchester County, then forget about Shadows. I thought it was just a "event" type place for weddings and stuff. In fact, when I lived in the area I didnt hear about anyone ever going to eat over there. Caterina Di Medici is OK. Its good but nothing great. Aroma Osteria in Wappinger Falls (about 25 minutes south on route 9) is much better, but visiting the CIA is fun and they have pretty views and a good Library. If your there though, unless oyur set on eating at a restaurant there, I would just eat at the cafe take it outside if its a nice day and sit in front of the hudson.

    Other places in that area that are worth trying are Calico in Rhinebeck. Le Pavilion (I think thats still considered Poughkeepsie) and Le Petit Bistro (also in Rhinebeck) are very for french. There is also a swanky new restaurant in Downtown Poughkeepsie in a very non swanky working class (others might say decaying urban area) called Artist Palate. Have heard good things about it. Busy Bee in poughkeepsie is also great. The best part is that none of these restaurants will lleave you broke, espescially when compared to Westchester's best Restaurants.

    The place I would really really really really want to go to is The Basement Bistro in Earlton, NY. I have heard crazy things about it. The chef owner apparently grows most of the ingredients in his backyard and its supposed to be a real experience. Sort of like Blue Hill Stone Barns but better and cheaper. Also would like to try One and Nessa.

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      i went to shadows a couple months ago; it is geared towards events, but the restaurant area tries hard to be a miami-type restaurant in appearance, with a great view.

      the restaurant itself, to me, is a great place to go with people from work, or a group of friends, or anything like that; the appetizers are nice, the desserts are huge and tasty, and their drinks are - well, purchased from someone who's selling the recipes (as a mixologist and has appeared onthe food network).

      the main meals are good for what they are - that is, decent food a bit overpriced. if i want a steak, i'll go to schlesinger's rather than there; if i want better prepared food, i'll go to haymaker or tonique's. it's all done fine, it's just not *great*.

      i posted about artist's palate last year during hudson valley restaurant week, and i wouldn't go back there (and i live less than 10 miles away). i especially wouldn't drive any distance for it - not wit hthe above places or the would, 96 main, cia, etc. all just as far (from the south, west or east)

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        they don't necessarily have to be north of Westchester, they could be next door....Westchester is part of the Hudson Valley. But I will cross Shadows off the list, your right I haven't heard much about the food it was more about the atmosphere.Basement Bistro sounds interesting...thanks for the tip.

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          waht didn't you like about the artist's palate not quite the diner you were looking for? we have eaten there plenty of times never a bad meal, a little noisey at time but always good. Unlike the big convention center on the waterfront

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            i posted about it during restaurant week last year, but we stopped in for lunch and the food wasn't good (i think the desserts were good, though i forget, but the mains definitely weren't and the service was poor).

        2. I highly recommed Monteverde, a manor right on Bear Mountain. I was there for a small family thing - a small private room was rented out for about 20 of us - and the food was fabulous, good service, but most impressive were the grounds - while we waited we hung out out back, sat on adirondack chiars, waitstaff wandered around outside to take drink orders, and we just walked around and enjoyed the Hudson River view. GORGEOUS. They actually have several outdoor spaces where you can have parties, so you'd actually PREFER wandering around and checking the entire place out for at least a half hour before being seated. the rest of teh interioir looked nice as well. Fairly upscale overall - can't wait to return. It's also an Inn with a few rooms.


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            Wow, it's good to see someone finally saying something good about Monteverde. I know that during Restaurant Week last year, none of us who ate there had anything good to say about it, and I spoke to a co-worker who had eaten there at full price and did not like the place, either. Maybe I'm still pissed that they rushed us through a 3 course dinner in 55 minutes when there was no one waiting for our table. Oh, and refusing to substitute a side dish (compared to our meal at Valley where they made a special batch of the side to avoid an ingredient we did not want included). And the prices are so ridiculously expensive, for less than that price you can eat anywhere else . I think you had a much different experience because you were outside and did not pay.

            I would like to try some of the places on the west side of the Hudson, up north of Rockland. New World Cooking up in Saugerties always looks interesting.

            I used to love the CIA but I have tired of it. They raised their prices to the point where they are no longer a bargain and if you are going to pay full price, there are better places to eat.

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              oh, new world is cool. the string beans are a must-try (esp. for a group of people), the specials are usually based off of a "hey, what local stuff could we get yesterday/today?" philosophy, the kitchen is open so you can usually see ric and others working from the chest up, there's lots of funky art on the walls, and the regular meals are good and consistent.

              it's hard to justify that trip by itself (i'm an hour away) but wrap it in something else - a walk around the woodstock 'downtown', a trip to saugerties for lighthouse or the garlic festival - and it's definitely something to enjoy.

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                I think the food is still very good all three CIA restaurants. I never felt like it was supposed to be a bargin. To me the fact that it's all students is what makes it special. We always have a good time learning about their studies and future plans. It's not like getting served by a professional waiter which in my opinion is what makes it special.

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                  I agree that speaking to the students is what makes the CIA enjoyable. But it's a pain to get reservations on Saturday nights, and the food is not as good as at comparably priced places at this point.

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                    Try going during the week. It's much better. Last time we went we got a tour of the kitchen. It was very cool. I think the food is pretty good. The price is a bit high but I don't mind that. You can also make reservations online. I don't know if you tried that yet but at least you can see what's avaliable.

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                I know it's 2 months later but I found these original postings and decided to give Monteverde a try for my husband's 35th bday and I had to come back to report that the original negative reviews were more on target. The food was pretty good but there were cobwebs all over the light fixtures and the service was just not up to snuff if this wants to be a serious contender. No one even came to greet us for nearly ten minutes. Our appetizers arrived before our drinks. An hour into the meal I was informed that my entree was no longer available, so I had to re-order an option I was much less excited about and we had to wait another 20 minutes for our entrees. We then also had to wait forever to order dessert - as slow as the service had been thus far I figured I had time to run to the ladies' room but when I came back, found they had served dessert in the 5 minutes I was gone! I had ordered a clafouti (sp?) that was apparently quite dramatic in the serving (pouring of custard, etc.) but I missed it! Then to add insult to injury they still charged me for my original entree and not my 2nd choice which was $8 cheaper. At least the maitre' d had the class to take the entree off the check completely. I'm not going to lie, guys, it was rough. Especially for a big birthday when you want it to be great.

              3. Some of us still think of Monteverde as the Oldstone Inn, when they had a much more casual feel and really good, classic food. The grounds were and still are, spectacular. However, Monteverde is a bit over the top concerning pricing. Their prices are pretty close to top NYC restos, Daniel, Gramercy, et al. Not worth it, IMHO.

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                  I've been to Monteverde, not looking to try that again (although I hear they have nice spa services), but there are 2 other restaurants I've heard about and would like to try...... one is Vox up in North Salem and I still have never been to Zuppa in Yonkers, is it still good? Also has anyone ever been to Quinta's steakhouse over in Rockland County??

                2. There is a new restaurant that some of you mentioned but non seemed to go to called Shadows on the Hudson. It is located directly on The Hudson with an indoor and outdoor bar and plenty of outdoor seating. Specialty drinks are hand crafted and great. The food is better than average but not gourmet. You should go expecting a good meal at a very fair price given the size of the menu. Service was great and the view is to die for. I will definitely be going back.

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                    i pretty much agree RE: shadows. i posted about it somewhere on here, though i'd include something about the desserts which were huge and tasty.

                    not gourmet by any stretch. i described it as a good place to go with people from work who want all the extras (view, decor, etc.)

                  2. Il Cenocolo in Newburgh - near the Newburgh Mall, not river front- is absolutely great Italian food, where the menu is limited, but they feature 15-20 specials a night - I had an amazing penne with ground veal, tasted a paprpadelle with ragu, smoked trout appetizer, amazing lentils as part of a delicious antipasto platter.

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                      And Frank is back! Frank 'made' Cenacola when I was there last, I had an outstanding meal.

                    2. I want to try Basement Bistro in Greene County.
                      Anyone been?

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                        Just went to a wedding at Il Barilotto in Fishkill. Although owned by the same folks who own Aroma Osteria (one of the wedding guests never got her meal at Aroma), the food was excellent, the drinks were spot on, and the wedding was a hoot.

                        The band was The Saints of Swing, out of Kingston. The entire experience was excellent. I recommend the restaurant.

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                          reservations are tough to get. we've been trying for 1+ month (we can only go early on sunday pm because of babysitting, so it's a combination of them having few seats, and us having a small window)...i plan on posting when we get them.

                        2. Just thought I would update this since I orginally posted it. Been to a few of the places that were on my list....went to Q in Portchester and I liked it and would go back again. Went to Quinta Steakhouse over in Rockland and while the service was very good and the people were very friendly, it is called a steakhouse and I didn 't get the steak I ordered. It was funny because I went to this place back in early August just after reading the steak thread on this board and how one of the chowhounds stated that we don't always get the cut of meat that they tell you on the menu. So I really paid attention to what I was getting. I ordered a rib eye and after the first bite (I know I should of even noticed before then, but I'm new at this) I knew it wasn't a rib eye. So I called the waiter over and then the manager came over and he acknowledged that it didn't look like a ribeye and proceeded to give me some crap about where this rib eye was cut from, I don't think even he could keep a straight face. So, will not be back there, not worth the trip. Went to a party last nght up in Poughkeepsie at Shadows. Well evertything I heard about it was true. It's a beautiful place right on the Hudson with great views and that's where the praise ends. Since I heard the food was less then stellar I figured I would order the prime rib, I find in places where I'm not sure about I order the prime rib, it's hard to mess that up. Well think again. I've never seen a piece of meat quite like this, it looked like fatty shoeleather and tasted like it to. Although I will say the appetizers that we got were all pretty good and the prices are reasonable. So maybe go for drinks, appetizers and the view.

                          1. Been meaning to try The French Corner in Stone Ridge . . . anyone been there?

                            1. The best meal I have had recently....went twice actually...is The Global Palate...on RT9w in West Park...the old Marcel's definitely worth the drive....

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                                checked out their website...a couple questions.

                                first, is this menu complete, or does it (i'm hoping) have more additions based on seasonality / what's best that week / etc.? http://globalpalaterestaurant.com/Men...

                                and...what's the dress code?


                              2. Blue Hill at Stone Barns
                                Il CenĂ colo
                                Plumbush Inn
                                Le Chambord
                                Bird and Bottle Inn

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                                  Is Il Cenacola still good? I had been several times but then I went a couple years ago and had a bad experience. Friends had also gone and gave us negative feedback. Haven't been back since. Blue Hill and Bird and Bottle are very good!! Haven't been to Plumbush in awhile but that was always good. Try their apple fritters for dessert.

                                  1. re: GIOny

                                    I haven't been to Il Cenacolo yet. I've only heard good things so I'm not sure. If I go I'll let you know. Thannks for the feedback on the other places.

                                    1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                                      I've heard that Il Cenacola is good again. In fact, the server whom I thought outstanding (perhaps he is manager now?), Frank, is back after an absence.

                                      1. re: dolores

                                        that's good to hear. I hope to try it soon. I think Sapore is next on my list in Fishkill.

                                2. Swoon Kitchenbar in Hudson is absolutely superb. The menu changes regularly and is always interesting. The owners are the chef and pastry chef, so everything, including the desserts, is very serious cooking. The atmosphere is beautiful and service is very professional for this area.

                                  Madalin's Table in Tivoli is on the same level as Swoon, with an interesting seasonally updated menu. Superb food, beautiful atmosphere, including a veranda for outdoor dining in warm weather, and generally fine service.

                                  Red Dot in Hudson has upgraded its menu to be more in competition with Swoon, but still offers some lower priced and more basic dishes, all of good quality. Atmosphere is lively and casual with a busy bar. Service is basic but friendly.

                                  Swiss Hutte in Hillsdale is well-known to locals, but somewhat under the radar outside the area. The menu ranges from French to German to northern Italian, and is of a very high quality. Dishes tend to be classic rather than innovative, but are prepared with great care using high-quality ingredients. Setting is rustic elegant, and service is formal and professional. It has a very European feeling.

                                  1. Another to add to the list: we just had dinner tonight at Ciao Bella which recently opened in Hudson. The focus is Sicilian and they have some dishes you can't find anywhere around here, such as tripe, scungilli, rabbit, and spaghetti with fresh sardine sauce. Many other more conventional dishes, and the food was very good and served in massive portions at very reasonable prices. Not gourmet, but really tasty and authentic.

                                    1. I would also add the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park and the West Taghkanic Diner. Eveready is much more glitzy and a bit more expensive but has great food. The WT is a classic, looks like it has not changed since the 1950's, but serves good homemade comfort food at very low prices and great service from a very friendly staff. Both of these are far better than the average diner.

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                                        We drove past the Eveready Diner a few months ago with my daughter when she was home from college and she was so excited about seeing it that she had to call her college friends. Apparently they had seen it on a recent show on Food Network. But we didn't eat there.

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                                          Eveready is good, however I like The Daily Planet on Rt 55 better. (BF had hot opened turkey at Eveready and it was not sliced from the bird, as bad as it was the cajun burger was that good) The owners are cousins and the food is similar. If you do get to the Daily Planet pick up one of their almond paste cakes, unbelievably good.

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                                            EverReady was featured on the show Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins of the Food Network.

                                        2. I just had dinner at the Basement Bistro in Earlton last night. It was a unique and wonderful experience. I will put in a post about it shortly.

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                                            i'm jealous!

                                            how long (for reservations) did you have to wait to get in? we keep trying, but because we're relatively tight on when we can go (early saturday or sunday evening, due to kids), it's tough. we're hoping to get better luck when march or april rolls around; we're about as far from there as nyc, and there's no trains to earlton...

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                                              I called about 2 weeks before, and they had an opening at 6:30 on Friday. The dinner took 4 hours, so it was good that we got an early start. When we got there only one table was occupied and a group was coming in later. So overall it was not very busy, but since the owner does everything himself, I don't know how many tables he will book at a time. Keep trying as it is well worth it.