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Jul 15, 2007 11:02 AM

Corks - Federal Hill

I had to report on a really wonderful meal at Corks last night, a Bastille Day wine dinner. The wine pairings were fantastic and really enhanced the food. The dinner started with a pork pate with peach marmalade, followed by roasted quail, then braised lamb over a fresh corn and carmelized vidalia onion risotto. Dessert was a light, creamy creme brulee. The quail and the lamb were truly spectacular - simple and yet very flavorful. And the creme brulee was done perfectly - silky, creamy, not too sweet, with a crisp sugar shell on top

Overall a very good meal, and service was excellent. Price, including wine, was $85. This was my first visit to Corks, and I will definitely go back.

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  1. I wonder if Chef Pellegrino was doing the cooking. I think I remember hearing that he will usually hire very talanted Chef's to do a lot of the cooking and keeps a close eye on the operations and running of the business. I am assuming $85 was for 2 people?

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      I don't know who was cooking last night. The dinner was $85 per person, including a large quantity of very good quality wine. It was a special event in the back room put together by someone that does wine-tasting classes.