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Best Beef Ribs?

Where can you get the best in Manhattan or NYC or NJ for that matter? I've heard good things about Blue Smoke. But I am talking about some huge tasty beef ribs.

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  1. Hi steakrules,

    Are you looking for the barbecue-style beef ribs (as you mentioned Blue Smoke)? I asked because many cuisines serve beef ribs but in very different styles, like stewed beef ribs, fine-dining version, and even korean BBQ or Japanese yakiniku style.

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        Hi steakrules,

        Last time I had the beef ribs at Blue Smoke it was very disappointing - very little meat on the ribs and very very dry. Also very burned (which probably contributed to the dryness). I don't know if it was an off day but I wouldn't order it again.

      1. RUB has excellent beef ribs... They make them only on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hill Country, Daisy Mae's, and Blue Smoke all serve them, but I'm sticking to RUB.

        1. If you're willing to go "overseas" and through a obstacle course of road construction in Brooklyn try 327 V-B Cafe Deli on 327 Van Brunt Street. They have great spicy beef ribs.

          1. Daisy Mae's beef rib is monstrous and heavenly...


            1. Daisy Mae's

              Not sure what people see in the Blue Smoke beef ribs, tried a couple times and they were never worth the money (miniscule amount of meat on the bone)

              1. Charlie Brown's had tham as a special for the past month or so... I think it may end today though. They weren't the best I've ever had (comparing to the small Japanese style beef ribs) but for less than $15 with salad bar and a drink, I won't complain.

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                  Funny you should bring that up because I went there with my dad a few weeks ago and he got them. They were hugeeee and awesome! And I never ever thought I had liked beef ribs before I tried them there. Ever since I now want to try some really good beef ribs. Is anyone familiar with Harold's Deli's Beef ribs?? I know they are known for their great sandwiches obviously but I have heard their beef ribs are awesome and huge like everythin else.