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Jul 15, 2007 10:03 AM

Chinese Soy Milk Question

I just purchased a plastic jug of unsweetened soy milk for the first time from the 99 Ranch market, and I guess I didn't really expect it to taste so different from American soy milk (Silk, etc.). It tastes like tofu water to me - not really offensive, but not very tasty either. What can I do with this milk to make it tastier? Or can I use it in cooking?

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  1. Many American brands "fortify" and "enhance" soy milk to give it flavor.

    From the ingredients label of an American Organic soy milk:
    Organic Soymilk, Organic evaporated cane juice, tricalcium citrate, sea salt, Organic vanilla flavor, carrageenan, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12.

    Most Asian soy milk in not enhanced or fortified - just plain soy milk.

    You could try vanilla flavoring with some sugar to get the "enhanced" flavor.

    For cooking - it will be fine in any recipe calling for natural soy milk.

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      "Evaporated cane juice" is one of my favorite ingredient-list euphemisms. Evaporated cane juice! Ha!

      Excuse me while I smear some de-milkified cream on some toast.

    2. just sweeten it. You can also serve it hot (sweetened or salted) and eat with fried dough sticks,

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        Thanks - I actually used the milk in iced coffee today with simple syrup and it was pretty tasty!

      2.'s fresh. Delivered hot (and I mean burn your hand through the plastic carton hot) at the 99Ranch about 9:30 a.m. daily and other Asian Markets in San Diego, made by LifeSoy on University Avenue. Once I had this, I learned what pure, fresh soy juice should taste like and I can't stand all those other brands. I do like it warm and fresh and will re-warm it when I want a cup of it, plain. My husband will use it cold on cereal and also mixes with fruit or fruit juice for a sort of 'smoothie'. The label shows same calorie count for the sweetened and unsweetened, so I only buy the one marked unsweetened.

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          Unfortunately Lifesoy was just cited in an FDA inspection for having filthy conditions. You can read it here:

          My favorite of several was, "an employee was seen causing water used to clean the dirty processing room floor and the side of what appeared to be a refuse container to splash directly into a vat of in-process tofu curd."

          1. re: MsMargo

            Well, my comment was made 13 months ago. I craved the stuff.

            99Ranch in San Diego has not carried the Lifesoy for a few months now. I have been looking for a similar substitute and have bought many unsweetened brands and warm them, but none have that flavor I crave.

            Interesting report.

        2. I find the sweetened version much better. If you are ever in the Westminster, you can buy the soy milk direclty from the company that supplies the 99 Ranch market and most other asian grocers. They also make their own fresh tofu and soy products. I always stop by when in the area.

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          1. re: koshie

            Same in San Diego- that fresh, hot tofu is so different than the prepackaged stuff. Maybe I will try the sweetened one this week. The ingredient list and nutrition list do not show sugar/different ingredients nor a difference in calories, that was why I did not want to try the sweetened.

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              I live near Westminster, where is the company? Thanks.

              1. re: mlgb

                Dong Phuong Tofu. 15022 Moran St. Westminster CA 92683

                Its in the pink building next to the Asian Garden Mall. They also have soy vegetarian products which are also yummy. Also try the mini egg rolls if they are just freshly fried.

            2. I like Chinese soy milk much better. It's refreshing. I've never been a fan of the American versions, but they'll do in a pinch.

              You can make rice porridge with scallions, pork floss, scrambled eggs and a fried Chinese crueller. Don't forget to add a little vinegar to curdle the milk. It basically turns into runny tofu!