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Jul 15, 2007 10:01 AM

Where did you eat this weekend?

Manna's -- 125 St & Madison loc
A soul food salad bar. 4.99/5.99 a pound. Gets expensive fast for what it is. But serves its purpose if you happened to be in the area like I was.

Porter House -- Time Warner Center
Again, was in the area. Had the Filet w/Cabernet & Shallot Sauce, polenta side. Was good, not out of this world. The sides were a bit under salted. Beautiful looking space, very good service. Had a great Rosenblum wine by the glass. Makes think the wine list may be quite good.

Burger Joint --Delicious as always--cheeseburger, vanilla milkshake, fries. Its true love.

Pongsri-- 23rd St loc. Had a chile shrimp take out dish w/steam rice. Was good. Didn't like being charged extra for steamed rice which is a standard accompaniment. Still like this place if in the area for Thai anyway and they have a very fresh tasting Pad Thai, which is a fave with everyone with whom I eat thai.

Where did you eat?

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  1. funny that you ask, i had the camera with me when we went to TIA POL for brunch yesterday:

    at night it was a hotdog and beer at shea!

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    1. re: mrnyc

      Love the look of that egg dish! Every time I try to get in Tia Pol its mobbed--gotta try it at an off time...

      1. re: Ora

        Get there right when it opens.

    2. I stayed in both nights, as I'm recovering from a cold. I ordered in on both Friday and Saturday evenings.
      Friday night: Ali Baba. I love the food here, especially the stuffed breads.
      Saturday night: Waldy's Woodfired Pizza. First time ordering pizza from them...just OK; probably would not order again.
      Sunday brunch: Cookshop. I was trying to take it easy, so I ordered a grilled shrimp salad. Looking around at everyone else's beautiful and hearty dishes made me sad, therefore I wasn't such a huge fan of my meal.

      1. Dean's (new pizza/Italian) on West 85th Street. Spacious, beautiful spot in restored former hotel ballroom...Terrific grandma pizza (it's square) and generous salad. Fine, attentive service and the place has yet to be discovered by UWS food hounds. Also had brunch at Burgers and Cupcakes on 9th Ave. Juicy burger and a delicious cupcake.

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        1. re: Will4Food

          We ate lunch at Russ & Daughters today. We had excellent smoked salmon bagel sandwiches. We had Alice's Teacup for brunch yesterday.

        2. momofuku ssam bar friday night, lunch on saturday at caracas arepa bar, worked last night, lunch today at the dumpling place on eldridge, dinner tonight at casa mono. pretty typical of the manhattan chowhound board if i may say so myself, but my brother was in town, so i had to show him some stuff.

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          1. re: MBShapiro

            Thursday - downtown hopping that included Bourgeios Pig (East) and Kampuchea - the second of which was kind of disappointing. Friday and Saturday we ate home which is a rarity for the weekends. Sunday - coffee and granola at Barking Dog (Upper East Side). Will be eating this week at Town, Savoy and at the home of a chef.

          2. Friday eve-Spigolo
            Saturday lunch-Whole food salad bar
            Sat eve-Pylos-soooooooooooooo good-everything was a hit!!! Thanks to recs from the board and RSK(u know who u are)
            Sun lunch-Men Ken Tai-the ramen rocks there!!!altho i like Momofuko for other dishes
            Sun eve-Back to Spigolo!