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Where did you eat this weekend?

Manna's -- 125 St & Madison loc
A soul food salad bar. 4.99/5.99 a pound. Gets expensive fast for what it is. But serves its purpose if you happened to be in the area like I was.

Porter House -- Time Warner Center
Again, was in the area. Had the Filet w/Cabernet & Shallot Sauce, polenta side. Was good, not out of this world. The sides were a bit under salted. Beautiful looking space, very good service. Had a great Rosenblum wine by the glass. Makes think the wine list may be quite good.

Burger Joint --Delicious as always--cheeseburger, vanilla milkshake, fries. Its true love.

Pongsri-- 23rd St loc. Had a chile shrimp take out dish w/steam rice. Was good. Didn't like being charged extra for steamed rice which is a standard accompaniment. Still like this place if in the area for Thai anyway and they have a very fresh tasting Pad Thai, which is a fave with everyone with whom I eat thai.

Where did you eat?

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  1. funny that you ask, i had the camera with me when we went to TIA POL for brunch yesterday:


    at night it was a hotdog and beer at shea!

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      Love the look of that egg dish! Every time I try to get in Tia Pol its mobbed--gotta try it at an off time...

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        Get there right when it opens.

    2. I stayed in both nights, as I'm recovering from a cold. I ordered in on both Friday and Saturday evenings.
      Friday night: Ali Baba. I love the food here, especially the stuffed breads.
      Saturday night: Waldy's Woodfired Pizza. First time ordering pizza from them...just OK; probably would not order again.
      Sunday brunch: Cookshop. I was trying to take it easy, so I ordered a grilled shrimp salad. Looking around at everyone else's beautiful and hearty dishes made me sad, therefore I wasn't such a huge fan of my meal.

      1. Dean's (new pizza/Italian) on West 85th Street. Spacious, beautiful spot in restored former hotel ballroom...Terrific grandma pizza (it's square) and generous salad. Fine, attentive service and the place has yet to be discovered by UWS food hounds. Also had brunch at Burgers and Cupcakes on 9th Ave. Juicy burger and a delicious cupcake.

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          We ate lunch at Russ & Daughters today. We had excellent smoked salmon bagel sandwiches. We had Alice's Teacup for brunch yesterday.

        2. momofuku ssam bar friday night, lunch on saturday at caracas arepa bar, worked last night, lunch today at the dumpling place on eldridge, dinner tonight at casa mono. pretty typical of the manhattan chowhound board if i may say so myself, but my brother was in town, so i had to show him some stuff.

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            Thursday - downtown hopping that included Bourgeios Pig (East) and Kampuchea - the second of which was kind of disappointing. Friday and Saturday we ate home which is a rarity for the weekends. Sunday - coffee and granola at Barking Dog (Upper East Side). Will be eating this week at Town, Savoy and at the home of a chef.

          2. Friday eve-Spigolo
            Saturday lunch-Whole food salad bar
            Sat eve-Pylos-soooooooooooooo good-everything was a hit!!! Thanks to recs from the board and RSK(u know who u are)
            Sun lunch-Men Ken Tai-the ramen rocks there!!!altho i like Momofuko for other dishes
            Sun eve-Back to Spigolo!

            1. Disclaimer-I am on a diet so this is not reflective of my normal weekend. Friday night Yummy House-surprisingly good non-Chinatown alternative to Chinatown Brasserie at 1/10th the price. Roast duck noodle soup, har gow, shrimp fried rice, bbq roast pork. Saturday-Pylos-good appetizers-kalamari, saganaki, shrimp though the spanikopita wasn't great. Sunday-Mi Tio-Argentinian Steakhouse on Queens Blvd-highlty recommended. Snacks- discovered a Truffle pig candy bar at FAO Schwartz- candy bar nirvana. New cheese-invented within the last 10 years-Gabietou from Aquitaine, aged by Herve Mons-sheep and cow milk proportions adjusted daily in the Whole foods Bowery Fromagerie-delish.

              1. Friday night - El Paso - on Lexington & 104th - mixed review - was trying it on recs from others that it is better than the E. 97th location. Guacamole - first round, no spice, even though we asked for medium spicy, second round, almost no spice, even though we asked for it to be spicier than the first round, also both needed salt. Service was v. slow, and my appetizer came with my main course of tacos (tongue, chicken and carnitas) - all were v. tasty though I ate some at home the next day. Husband had ribs in a pasilla (sp?) chile sauce, which he said was very good. Since the service was so slow, we'd sort of lost the heart to eat by the time our food came around. Margaritas were good, and my husband said his glasses of Pinot Grigio were surprisingly good. FWIW - my husband is Dominican and spoke Spanish so the difficulties could not be attributed to a language barrier.

                Saturday - hit Di Palo's at 9:30 - wonderful as always, no line to speak of so bought wonderful goodies - their parmesan was excellent, as always, also got mortadella, prosciutto di parma, pizza bianca (from Sullivan Street), fresh ricotta, soppresada (spicy), olive oil, beautiful peach jam, canned San Marzano tomatoes, a wine jelly that I served with lamb that night, and a couple of other cheeses. Went home, after a detour to check out Eli's Vinegar Factory to which we'd never been - bought a beautiful tomato and some $9 raspberries that are the best I've ever had - lunch was a Di Palo feast.

                Dinner yesterday - Citarella "take out" - oysters on the half shell, salmon roe, sardines, beautiful marinated anchovies, shrimp - perfect with a bottle of white wine on a hot Sunday evening.

                1. Friday dinner at Crispo (thanks to all the great recommendations of hounders!) I had crispy beef cheeks which were delicious. The cabonara of course! It was amazing...just the right amount of flavor without being overly heavy and the egg was a great touch. Desserts we zeppoles and they were the best I've had!

                  Saturday lunch at Jacques Imos (more chowhound recs). Started with their fried green tomatoes with fried shrimp. The sauce was soo flavorful I had to prevent myself from licking the plate. Best fried chicken in the city as yet. and the seasoned fries! divine...absolutely divine. Very well worth the wait....not to mention the free flow of mimosas. ;)

                  Dinner last night at Gabriela's...gotta love the UWS standards. My tacos were pretty standard but I forgot how good their gauc was. and dos equis on tap!

                  1. Sunday night: Al Di La. The duck ragu pasta special is outstanding, and the steak is always great.

                    Saturday: Taco Chulo. Everything is great there. They have actually gotten better since opening a few years ago.

                    1. We had family in town this weekend (including a 7-year-old nephew). Lunch on Saturday at Waterfalls on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The falafel was amazing.

                      Saturday night dinner at Flor de Sol in Tribeca -- we had a bunch of tapas and a couple of pitchers of sangria. We ate early so it was nice and relaxing.

                      Sunday we were in midtown doing the touristy thing and got hungry for lunch early. We wandered into a Japanese restaurant on W. 55th St, directly across the street from La Bonne Soupe, on the second floor. The name starts with an "O". We were the only non-Asians in there and it was a really fun experience, with good sushi, noodles and tempura.

                      Dinner last night was at Perilla. I had the crab appetizer, the summer ravioli (didn't like it as much as I had liked the spring ravioli -- the citrus bite was a little too much) and we ahred a few amazing desserts.

                      1. Oh--I totally forgot--I also stopped in at Despana for and Olive Tart.

                        1. Friday night dinner at Malatesta; spaghetti special with pancetta, radicchio and fontina!
                          Saturday brunch at Mercadito; great Baja tacos but the weirdest version of a Bloody Mary I've ever had (sent it back)
                          Saturday night dinner at Kirara; great sushi, as always. Tried Kampachi for the first time and fell in love.
                          Sunday lunch from Pio Maya; good shrimp burrito, though I wonder if they have a new chef, the food has been looking/tasting slightly different.
                          Sunday dinner I cooked a feast of things I picked up from the Greenmarket Saturday (pickled beets, braised pork butt, collard greens/red kale/beet greens, cornbread with fresh corn and basil in it)!!

                          1. Friday night: The Shake shack. Lines were big, but as always it was worth the wait.
                            Sunday: Baluchi's. I have lot of favs there, but yest I tried their chicken vindaloo. Totally a wrong choice, the spices were unbearable and the chicken was dry.

                            1. Friday: Drinks at the Met roof garden and then at Sandro (munched on the amazing bread sticks) while we waited for a call from the bar across from Etats-Unis. Call never came, but we went back and I had the lobster salad (eh?) and my friend had the mac and cheese. That was sublime.
                              Sat: Lunch: Roast beef Sandwich from Le Pain Quotidien with a nice little salad on the side. Dinner: Saigon Grill on the UWS. Good as always.
                              Sunday: Tal bagel w/shrimp salad for brunch; Pesce Pasta for dinner, amazing stuffed artichoke.

                              1. This was the least we've ate out in a long time. Trying to save some cash

                                Friday ordered in from Cafe Rustica- chicken parm and chicken finger sub.

                                Saturday we had Ess a Bagels for breakfast and then went to The House for drinks followed by a pulled pork sandwich at the Gramercy Tavern. Yum!!!

                                Sunday dinner we actually cooked Trader Joes Buffalo burgers which were actually quite good!

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                                  Saturday nite - Nobu 57 - its like i died and went to heaven. By far the most satisfying
                                  and spectacular dining experince ive ever had and im 50 so ive been to a lot of other places. Went with people who are regulars and were served about 8 different platters of assorted sushi. Different platters were just coming out with assorted sushi and we were told what they were. Didnt see a menu, even better didnt see a check. I dont recall some of the entrees but the Yellowtail tuna with jalepeno was 'Jordanesque", if you get the reference. also the shashimi tuna, the wagyu beef, the cod, the shrimp and lobster tempura. outstanding. i forget some of the others. The dessert was off the hook. was served the bento box which had green tea ice cream with varonha chocolate cake with melted hot chocolate inside. then when we were done with entres waitress said if they could bring more. i respectfully declined but would have said yes in a second. thanks to Kathy and Mary for a special evening.

                                2. Friday night - ordered in Sushi from Sushi Lounge on A and St. Marks. Saturday - "brunch" at Shake Shack, dinner - Paprika (also on St. Marks). Sunday, brunch - 7a, dinner - picked up Viva Herba Pizzaria on 2nd and 11th...ok, aside from Shake Shake, is it painfully obvious that I live in the East Village? : )

                                  1. Friday night I stayed in and order Mizu Sushi (which I ordered again tonight).

                                    Saturday afternoon I had a FANTASTIC cheeseburger and bloody bull at J.G. Melon's. It might be my favorite place ever.

                                    Saturday late night dinner at Momofuku Ssam. The hamachi was outrageous. I am really into this place lately.

                                    Sunday breakfast was a bowl of cheese grits at the Pink Tea Cup. I am on a serious hunt for decent cheese grits in this city. I was so terribly disappointed with the Pink Tea Cup's version. The grits themselves were tasty (not in the same league, let alone the same planet, as Maroon's grits), but the cheese was a complete disappontment. 2 slices of America Cheese laid on top. I mean, at least mix it in for me. It was so unappetizing to see 2 slices of processed cheese laying ontop. Such a disappointment.

                                    Sunday night - Patsy's (in Chelsea) pizza - white pizza with spinach and sausage. Tasty enough. But whatever.

                                    Saturday was obvi the highlight.

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                                      Friday night we ate at the Spotted Pig. Gnudi were delicious, Broccoli Rabe was too bitter for my taste though my boyfriend liked it. Burger was scrumptious. Waitress was very sweet and attentive.

                                      Saturday night we ate at Casa Mono (my first time). We showed up at 10, got a seat at the bar after waiting 10 minutes. Wine was EXCELLENT. Some Temperanillo... I wish I could remember the name but I can't, probably a sign that I enjoyed it too much. Sweet corn was good, Octopus was perfect, Baby squid and beans were...boring, and the Quail was great. Bartender/server was beyond snooty and we weren't the only ones who thought so. The couple next to us complained to the manager (though I'm not sure what resulted from that), Overall I enjoyed myself and plan to go back.

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                                        American cheese laid on top of grits??? No!!!!!!!

                                      2. Only dinner out of note was Hill Country. I've heard the raves but was still blown away by the meat. Mind you, the moist brisket and beef ribs were out, so we got the pork ribs and jalapeno links, and still thought what we got was great. I knew the sides would be a wreck, but was still disappointed. The bourbon sweet potato mash was bad (and how do you mess up mashed sweet potatoes?) and the green bean casserole was worse than if they had cream of mushroom poured over green beans. Not joking. The corn pudding was decent.

                                        Otherwise, just local neighborhood sushi (Planet Sushi....hey, there's a dearth of good sushi places on the UWS) and meals at home with friends (which rocked). I'm noticing myself cooking more and more actually. Over-salted dishes don't sit well with me during summer + seeing rats and piles of trash in the streets (and knowing the condition of NYC restaurant kitchens) = a diligent and well-rewarded home cook

                                        1. Thrus nite-Pizza at the Maritime Bar/Hotel on 9th ave

                                          Friday Nite-Sushi samba..My BF has the idea of ordering a tasting menu and then complained the whole time about how small the portions were....he was still starving after and ordered an extra roll. Drinks at that rooftop place on 5th and 26th (?) and then at Bruno's restaurant bar.

                                          Sat-The food court at Woodbury Commons outlet mall LOL Followed by a brief attempt at the man made beach in LIC (right on the East River). Too bad it looked like a frat party....

                                          Sun-crepes at the Bastille day celebrations on 60th (!)

                                          1. Friday night - al di la - fab octopus appetizer - and then old favs, me, the braised rabbit with black olives and polenta, my wife had the whole charcoal-grilled young chicken served with a fennel salad and mashed potatoes

                                            Saturday night - Moim - new Korean place in Park Slope - we loved it - kimchee stir-fry with pork and tofu & black cod with Korean red pepper sauce

                                            Sunday lunch - Bonnie's - burger!