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Jul 15, 2007 09:07 AM

Indian Spice World

Im looking for the best Indian market in Austin. Bulk spices a must. Flower waters, Jaggery and dal would be a plus. Any clues?

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  1. Not in Austin, but in round rock there are 2 different ones, Teji is small, but very busy and full of Indian shoppers everytime I go, which is a lot. The rest. is very good, we always get our to go Indian from there. They also have fresh Chapti.
    The other is by Best Buy in RR, sorry don't know the name off hand, it is bigger and they have fresh samosa and other fresh things.

    1. There is an Indian supermarket on Burnet Road called MGM, although I can't say I've ever been there. Here is their website:

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        I just went the other day to get some panchpuran - there were at least three mixtures. The owners/workers are helpful, and there is a nice selection of dried spices. I think that they have more Patak's products than anywhere I've ever seen. Prices are reasonable. Not sure if it is the best or not.

      2. I've found the best luck at:

        Taj Grocers is 9515, N Lamar Boulevard - next to SWAD cafe. Their selection is wider than MGM.

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          Taj is def the best I've found. Plus, you can slip into Swad for some delicious treats...

        2. There's also a small store (not sure of the name) next to Curry in a Hurry on Parmer (near the intersection with Lamplight Village). I actually haven't wandered in but it is always busy when I swing by for takeout next door.

          The other option might be the giant supermarket in the new Chinatown Center. I went by the other day and they seem to have a wide range of products (not limited to Chinese or Japanese products). And, there were a few Indian women strolling the aisles with full carts when I was there.

          1. Don't forget Fiesta (I-35 and 38 1/2th). They've got some bulk spices, tons of produce, and an aisle or 2 devoted to Indian products. Maybe not as wide a selection as a specially devoted store, but definitely worth a stop.