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Jul 15, 2007 08:30 AM

Folly Beach update anyone?

I love Folly. We used to go every year but skipped last year. The last I heard Bowen's Island was being rehabilitated and there's a place called Taco Dog or something like that. Are there any new little dives or comments on the old ones? I like good food, but for me, it's also about the vibe.

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  1. If you want horrible service, try Taco Boy.

    Really good tapas at 11 Center St.

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    1. re: Kingrover

      So is there at least some good food served along with the terrible service at Taco Boy? Is 11 Center St. the place w/ rooftop dining?

      1. re: suse

        Yes, 11 center has rooftop and it's a very pleasant space. I didn't think the food was much to write home about, but it was adequate to allow me to enjoy waiting out a T-storm on the roof.

    2. We were just at Folly before July 4th.

      Taco Boy was decent, especially the fish tacos. The menu had a good variety of tacos, it was a cute place and we had fine service. Skip the salsas, though - boring and flavorless the night we were there.

      Bowen's Island is open again, but we have not been there.

      The Seashell is closed for good.

      For breakfast, we frequented The Lost Dog in its new location. It's good breakfast food and very cute. I think they're open until 2 and you can get lunch things too.

      We ordered pizza from Lil' Mamas one night and it was truly terrible. Greasy, floppy, no sauce, just gross. I don't love Woody's, but I'd stick with them if I want pizza.

      The restaurant that replaced the Starfish Grill isn't half as good as the Starfish (and that's not saying much), but the location and view still can't be beat.

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      1. re: anne7134

        I second anne7134 and danna on all counts. There just isn't much on Folly for food anymore. Langdon's on the pier (or any of their other locations for that matter) is another one to stay away from. There are several good places on Folly Road if you don't mind a drive (Andolini's, Mondo's, Twizt, Daily Dose, Jasmine).

        1. re: anne7134

          SO glad that Bowens is reopened...was afraid it wouldn't be by the time we got down there later this month. Taco Boy is fun if you're not looking for the finest in food (the margaritas are good!) And there's one more fish place -can't think of the name-it's right on Folly Island Rd on a creek-total dive but decent food and my kids love to go there because they always seem to see a shark in the creek while we're eating!

          1. re: battster

            If you're talking about Anchor Line - I have to report that it's history. The building is nothing but a decaying shell. It's such a fantastic location - I hope someone opens something good there at some point. If you can handle a crunchy groovy vibe and organic food (not seafood), you should take the kiddies to The Daily Dose - right off Folly Rd. (coming from Folly, it's just past the Blockbuster's on the right. There's also a Taco Bell right there). It's very kid friendly. While they have organic turkey, their fake chicken/ veggie sandwich was fantastic.

            1. re: suse

              thanks..will do. yes the anchor line would be that place i was thinking about. i can't say i'm too surprised of its demise!!! any new places open??

              1. re: battster

                Since you know about Taco Boy, you're probably pretty up-to-date. We hadn't been in two years and were surpised to find that the Seashell had closed. I actually rather liked the food at Taco Boy. Nachos were good and we had some decent fish tacos. The salads looked good. We had a very nice dinner at The Mustard Seed on James Island (Maybank Highway near the art movie house). I was surprised to find that it wasn't all fancy pants, but just very good food. Crowded, though. With kids? Tough one. The sad thing is that there is no good ice cream place anymore on Folly. What's up with that? Have a nice vacation.

        2. Thought I'd give a quick update - we're just back from Folly. We tried to go the Lost Dog once but had too long of a wait, but friends went on a different day and liked it. We went to Taco Boy several times, actually, and really liked it. Oddly enough, the service was great every time, but with a bunch of surfer dudes/dudettes running around, I'm sure it's a bit of a crap shoot. It's part of what I love about Folly in a strange way. There used to be a fantastic ice cream shop there called "Melt" run by a surfer dude and when there were good waves he just put a sign on the door. When he was there, though, the ice cream was amazing - guess there's a reason it's not around anymore. Anyway, back to Taco Boy - loads of fun, nice vibe - loved the nachos and frozen margs. Good fish tacos which would be crazy amazing if the tortillas were homemade - ridiculous pipe dream, I know, but just a thought....
          We discovered Daily Dose just off Folly Rd. which was great, definitely worth the drive off the island. .

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          1. re: suse

            suse-where's the daily dose exactly and what kind of food-must be a new place?? we're actually going to stay a bit inland at a cousin's house on james island up by the mustard seed--any other great places you found??

            1. re: battster

              sorry for the delay - just got back online after a long weekend in nyc. The daily dose is just off Folly Rd. just west of Blockbuster. There is also a Taco Bell on that side of Folly Rd. It's only set back a bit and has a large sign. You can't miss it. The food is organic vegetarian w/ organic turkey thrown into the mix. Mostly sandwiches/salads made with excellent ingredients. Though not a big fan of wraps, my friend had the fake chicken wrap and it was excellent. The beans/rice sandwich was a little too carby. They have beer/wine and a fun, funky atmosphere. The only other new place we found was Taco Boy - which we've talked about above - right on Folly and lots of fun. Other than that, no new food news. Have fun - and I hope this doesn't come too late.

          2. Too bad about the Seashell. I liked that place. Any word on Cafe Suzanne or River Grill?

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            1. re: samanella

              Cafe Suzanne is something else now. We had breakfast there and didn't like it at all. I'm hoping that eventually something fabulous will go into the Seashell place.