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Jul 15, 2007 07:22 AM

Looking for very fresh "everyday" sushi in Back Bay

We are almost out of our temporary housing in the fin. district and I'm already thinking about where to get a weekly sushi fix. We will be living in Back Bay and I'd love to find a reasonably priced fresh sushi place to get sushi once a week. Does this exist? I hope so..

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  1. Shino Express on Newbury by Copley is pretty good IMO. Pieces are $1 (including uni) and smaller than most other places (I like this size, it seems healthier) but it's always fresh and very popular. No beer or sake however. More expensive choices (with alcohol) would be Douzo on Dartmouth near Back Bay station or the Uni sushi bar at Clio, I'd pick Uni between them.

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    1. re: steinpilz

      I could be wrong, but as AFAIK, Uni doesn't serve sushi, only sashimi (i.e. sans the lightly vinegared sushi rice).

      1. re: limster sushi at Uni. I think for most people, Uni wouldn't pass the "reasonably priced" part of the question...omakase is a great splurge.

        Shino is inexpensive; but I don't think it's very good.

        I think Douzo might be your best bet.

        1. re: 9lives

          Douzo is my once a week sushi spot. The sushi is good and fresh but beware if you want take out, you definitely need to call ahead. Sometimes it can take up to 45 minutes depending on how busy they are.

          1. re: lissy

            Thanks so much everyone for the Douzo rec...I will report back (and call ahead of time)...

            1. re: gramercyfoodie

              Douzo is my go to place in town as well. While I think it is top quality and a good overall value compared to other spots, I'm not sure I would say that is is reasonably priced. We eat lots of sashimi and special fish, rolls, etc. Our typical bill for two runs toward $100 without alcohol or tip.

    2. Definitely Douzo on Dartmouth.

      1. I like O-sushi in the Westin/Copley mall. For takeout sushi, I think Whole Foods near Mass Avenue is your best bet.

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          I thought "reasonably priced" was part of the deal? Osushi is tasty, but IMO is on the pricey side. That said, their tempura eel app is amazing...

        2. Shino offers passable sushi, but definitely relatively cheap sushi. I really wouldn't call it good though, but I certainly don't think it's likely to make you sick. You can certainly default to the supermarket sushi packs (Shaws, Whole Foods, etc), but I find those worse than Shino. Sushi is just not meant to be an every day or even every week meal IMO, unless you're willing to pay the bucks, especially in the Boston area.

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          1. re: kobuta

            I respectfully disagree...some of the best sushi I've had in other cities have been in the cheap/reasonable category...hopefully I'll be able to find some here and report back.

            1. re: gramercyfoodie

              One of Bostons better and reasonable spots is at Sakura Bana..on Broad your old neighborhood..the Financial District.

              They do a big lunch business but they're pretty quiet at dinner.

              1. re: gramercyfoodie

                I guess it's all relative to my price point. I've enjoyed much more reasonably priced sushi with much higher quality fish elsewhere in the US, but I certainly wouldn't consider them reasonable enough to want to do so every week (as much as I'd like to). Boston in particular though I find much more difficult to balance the quality vs. price.

            2. I second the recommendation for Shino. Very cheap, and always fresh. AVOID both Typhoon and Jae's. Terrible.

              There is a brand new place, Samurai, opening up on Boylston betwee Gloucester and Fairfield, across from the Pru in the old Guyahama Space. I haven't been yet, but it might be worth checking out.

              Douzo is pretty great, but definitely pricey and not an "every day" spot.

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              1. re: tamerlanenj

                It looks like there's also going to be another sushi place right in the Pru, on Huntington Avenue, right below the bridge.

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                  Not sure yet for everyday purposes, but is Samurai open yet? Has anyone been?

                  1. re: gramercyfoodie

                    Samurai was open when I waled by today. I stopped in to grab a menu. The set-up and menu are very similar to Gyuhama. However there is a new phone number, so I assume this is more than a rebrand / remodel.

                    There are a few new rolls which appear to be more creative than what Gyuhama had. Sushi lunch specials range from $7.95-$15.95, so it is reasonable. I will pick up some sashimi and rolls for lunch one day this week and report back on the quality of the fish.

                    1. re: Gabatta

                      Samurai may be the place you are looking for when it comes to reasonably priced fresh fish. I tried it out for lunch today. While it is nothing fancy (e.g. Oishii, Douzo), the fish was good and prices reasonable.

                      I did not get a lunch special, but rather ordered a few things ala carte. The magure, sake and hamachi sashimi were all fresh and tasty. I also had a spick rainbow maki, which is like a traditional rainbow, but with spicy tuna on the inside instead of california. The maki was very good as well.

                      While my dinners will still be at Douzo, I will be back here often for lunch as it is a few doors down from my office.

                      1. re: Gabatta

                        Do you know if the Pru Samurai is connected to the downtown 1? There's no mention of it yet on their website.

                        I generally prefer Sakura Bana but would revisit Samurai if there's a connection

                        1. re: Gabatta

                          Thanks so much for reporting back Gabatta. Glad you had a good lunch and have a new office sushi spot.

                          1. re: Gabatta

                            We tried Samurai this week and thought the sushi was fantastic. The restaurant is not fancy - looks like a typical sushi place, but perfect for "everyday". The sushi chefs were knowledgable and talented and we were so satisfied with the prices, quality, etc.