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Jul 15, 2007 06:58 AM

Breakfast/Brunch place in Boro Park

I am trying to find a place to take my father-in-law, who will be in NY next weekend, for brunch in Boro Park. We are not looking for anything fancy, but for something that gives him a sense of the neighborhood. Good eggs and a bagel would make him happy. Any suggestions? From older posts I can see people recommend: Cafe K, Spoons, Kosher Delite and Shem Tov. Any updates on any of these places would be very appreciated.

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  1. While not on the "main drag" (i.e. 13th Avenue), Corner Cafe is a good breakfast place since they open pretty early in the morning. They usually have a lot of business due to its proximity to the F train station, but it may be a bit quieter now that's it summer. I only have gone there for lunch for their wraps and iced coffee (which is pretty good--you'd be surprised how hard it is to find that in BP.) Their on-line menu is at
    It's a nice, clean place. They're at 2 Ditmas Avenue, 718-435-2233.

    Also you can try Moti's at 5007 16th Avenue (718) 438-9833, it's also a pretty popular place.