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Jul 15, 2007 06:11 AM

Cheese shops in Bergen County NJ?

I'm trying to explore some new really nice cheeses and wondered if there were any cheese specialty shops in Bergen County that anyone has frequented. While I'm a foodie I'm not a food snob and am hoping to learn about cheeses as well - don't want to go to a high end stuffy place where I'm ashamed to ask questions!
There's one in Ridgewood ("The Cheese Shop"?) and I know Whole Foods has alot of choices.....?

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  1. Check out Maywood Market. They have a large selection of cheeses and the prices are phenomenal. It's a nice casual place too, with a solidly middle-class clientele. You can also check out the Market Basket in Franklin Lakes. They may have a few more selections of super high-end cheeses than Maywood Market, and the staff there might have a little more expertise in cheese knowledge, but expect to pay at least double the price for items also available at Maywood Market. The crowd at Market Basket can be "stuffy" at times too, but the staff is usually friendly and accessible. Both stores also have a wide variety of groceries, prepared foods, baked goods, deli etc. But again, most items at Maywood Market are about half the price that comparable items at the Market Basket are.

    Maywood Market - 78 W. Pleasant Avenue, Maywood

    Market Basket - 813 Franklin Lakes Road, Franklin Lakes

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      if you are willing to travel across the county border into rockland there is a great place called laraia's cheese company in nanuet. it is right off 304 down from rockland bakery!

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        I strongly second Noonan's recommendation. The folks at Laraia's know their stuff and are the opposite of snobby. They're full of enthusiasm for cheese and are eager to help customers learn what they like, what pairs well with what, etc. Prices are also reasonable. One drawback, though, is their limited hours--it's something like 7 am to 5 pm M-F, and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

        Laraia's Cheese Co.
        5 Seeger Dr, Nanuet, NY 10954

    2. while I agree about the Maywood Marketplace and Market Basket as a place to buy cheese, I would really recommend taking a trip to Sussex County, and Bobolink Dairy ( It's not a large selection, but you get a whole different perspective on cheese than you do at a store where the staff may/may not be well versed in what they are selling.

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        Check out Jerry's in Englewood- right off Route 4. Although primarily an Italian market- they have a tremendous selection. Many are pre-wrapped, but there's tremendout turnover. They have a large selection of unwrapped cheeses as well- usually samples out, and the people behind the counter are very helpful and knowledgable. Lots of other things there as well- deli counter, wines, pasta, oils, staples, etc. Good prices as well.

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          I agree with mark about Jerrys...if you can get over the surley attitude of Jerry's resident cheesemonger (who gives mean looks, even to old ladies) you'll love it..he keeps some amazing cheese and has great samples.

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            I'll be there later next week- I go there when I'm visiting family in Bergen Cty. from upstate NY. When I've been there I've only seen a very nice woman and a pleasant young man; haven't met the surly one yet- but I'll watch out for him!

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              I think "six" is referring to Justin at Jerry's cheese counter, who is very knowledgable, but presents no sense of humor and never cracks a smile. Don't take it personally—he treats eveyone the same way. He picks very nice cheese for a platter of contrasts and will take into account how long the cheeses will "keep".

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                I'm really surprised by the comments by "six' about the cheese guy. Forgot his name was Justin but think 'FeelingALittleBreadish' is right. He's always been really nice to me, my mom and her friends and a lot of friends I know go to Jerry's because he knows so much about cheese and really takes the time to be helpful and honest. Generally I have found the whole place very friendly - just really hectic and crazy at the weekend and holidays

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                If you are going to Jerry's, DO NOT miss getting the olives, I'm really fond of the spicy mixed olives. Also note that the deli meats are less than at most of the supermarkets and are of good quality.