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Jul 15, 2007 06:04 AM

Summerlicious Review: Auberge Du Pommier

The service was bright and cheerful, the setting was comfortable and pleasant and the food was blah and mediocre at best.

We started with Potage of Spiced Summer Fruits, which was very flavorful and the best dish of the evening. I had Porc à la Provençal, which was nicely cooked but served with a thin sauce that gave no real flavor. The vegetables were overcooked, especially some really soggy peppers. My wife had the tuna, which she found so-so and much inferior to a similar dish that she had had at Terra the previous week.

Dessert was the low point. We both had panna cotta, which was rubbery and really tasteless. The rhubarb and rasperry compote helped, but could disguise the flaws.

Restaurants like Auberge Du Pommier are a really dilemma. Food as aside, it was a real pleasant experience (except for the outrageous $8 charge for a bottle of supermarket fizzy water.). To return or not to return? I'm finding that more and more, the total experience is weighing more heavily and the food less. Maybe its just that finding good food is so hard that I'm willing to settle of a little pleasantness.

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  1. I love auberge. I think something happens with the whole summerlicious thing. Sometimes at these places service or product or sometimes both suffer. I never do the summerlicious thing for this reason. I like to experience restaurants at their best. With summerlicious the crowds of bargain shoppers just seem overwhelming.