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Jul 15, 2007 02:26 AM

LA ------> NYC

Hi NYC Hounds! I'll be visiting your city the end of this month and would love some recs. Last time in New York was January and ate at Two Boots, Beatrice Inn, Veselka, Cafe Gigi, and Tavern on Jane. Last trip obviously wasn't centered around food. I would love to make an effort this time around. Would love to try some new places. Im looking for places that are must try "only in NY" places. Entrees no more than 25 bucks. I like spontaneity. Therefore, no restaurants that require reservations. Mozza just opened in LA and I love it. How does Otto compare? I'm up for all types of cuisine. Staying in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

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  1. Check out thess threads--many options listed may be of interest to you: