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Jul 14, 2007 11:36 PM

Thai Nakorn, what to order?

We visited the new location in Stanton recently and had a difficult time choosing what to order. Most of our dishes were reliable but we had a couple of misses. The fried morning glory and the basil clams were outstanding. Catfish with mango salad also good, but more so for the salad than the fish. Tomyum and yum woon sen were disappointing. I would appreciate a few favorites of fellow chowhounders to try on our next round. The board was very helpful in our selection of dishes over at Lotus of Siam....EVERYTHING we ordered was amazing!

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  1. We were there tonight...Tom Ka Gai for the soup...great...BBQ Catfish...always a winner, moist and succulent...Nam Sod with Crispy Rice...the best in the city...Chicken Panang...maybe the single best dish served here...Spicy Beef with Basil...spicy!! and really good...Phad Thai...perfect as usual...Thai Spicy Sausage...juicy and very tasty...and coconut ice cream...I dare you to find better anywhere ( I have tried!!)

    The clams as you mentioned are wonderful as is the Phad See Ew and the Beef Panang (the best "pot roast" you will ever eat) The coconut custard is sublime and the sticky rice and mango is excellent...ask if the mango is good...they will let you know!

    I have never had a bad meal at Thai Nakorn...and as a "regular" am treated as a member of the family by the owners and staff! It is a true So Cal gem!!!

    1. I was there recently and we ordered the chicken sa tay as an appetizer to go along with my chicken curry and her Pad Thai. My curry was pretty decent and very filling as it came with a very generous amount of chicken, perhaps the most chicken I've ever had with curry. This was quite a shocker as I am used to having more soup and felt like they didn't give me enough. None the less, with the curry and a bowl of rice (medium bowl) and stopping to eat some of the sa tay, which ironically came last although it was the appetizer, was a meal fit for two. Her Pad Thai was rather good in my opinion since I'm not really a big fan, but she said it's good but not the best she's had. All in all, I'm glad I tried it out and would take my friends there if they were to crave for some Thai food. We spent $31 altogether including tip and tax.

      1. I quite like the Panang curry, as well as the mee krob.

        I have a few photos here: