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Jul 14, 2007 11:13 PM

what's open late?-besides...

yes,i know about kerbey,magnoia and -shudder- star seeds...i even know about thai passion til 3am. hyde park and trudy's both serve til midnite...but where else? i probably wouldn't go as far north as campus...if even the where does that leave - when a gal wakes up at 9:30ish and might want asian,indian or something beyond gingerbread pancakes and queso? i did several searches and got nothing-but somebody here will know.

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  1. Really? I got two pages of results for a search of "late night" on the Austin board. Here are links to three of them:

    Other websites do comprehensive lists of mainstream late-night options, with no focus on quality. Here's one example:

    There are also many taco trucks that only come out at night. Just drive around (maybe on North Lamar or East Riverside) to find something interesting.

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      I know many of the Asian places on east oltorf are open late. Wanfu until 2 and one of the pho places is open until about the same time.

    2. Sam's Barbecue. A lifesaver after the clubs close.

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          That's a shame. I wish they would. I haven't found anything delicious at Katz's. If I'm ever stuck for food between the time Sam's closes and when the taco trucks open up in the morning, I can usually find something better tasting at a 24-hour HEB.

        2. Wanfu was always our go -to for late night, decent Chinese food. The one on Oltorf stays open til 2 or 3; I'm not sure how late the Barton Springs location stays open.

          If you decide that you're will to go as far north as campus after all, Players has tasty burgers (albeit greasy) and shakes. And of course, you've got Jimmy Johns and Taco Cabana...

          Also, just in case you haven't done so, give the rest of Magnolia's menu a shot. I used to love their burgers, quesadillas, nachos (though they're quite messy) and chicken soft tacos...and also possibly their grilled chicken sandwich, though it's been awhile and memory is fading a bit...

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