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Jul 14, 2007 10:05 PM

Senegalese:Taxi Brousse revisited--weekly specials

Went to Taxi Brousse tonight, inspired by the disappointing visit to Lagosian. It was wonderful as usual and sad, with only three tables while we were there. We split the beef pastilles: fried pastries bursting with seasoned ground beef and topped with spicy(!) tomato based sauce full of onions. Simply delicious. I resented my husband finishing them as I now won't be having them for lunch tomorrow. I ordered the fish yassa and my husband ate most of it (notice a pattern here?). He pronounced the fish "perfect"--dry and almost crisp on the outside (without breading) and tender on the inside. The lemon-garlic-mustard sauce with onions and peppers was complex and with a good kick of heat. He ordered the lamb curry weekly special and liked it but, since he's not the biggest fan of lamb, liked the fish better. The lamb was in one good-sized piece with a thin curry sauce with carrots and cabbage. Very different from Indo-Pak curry but scrumptious. Both came with couscous or rice. The other weekly special we didn't try was tilapia over red rice.

Though the food seems light it's filling, which made me sad. I'd love to go try the warm chocolate souffle and the thiakry: (senegalese yogurt) Vanilla, nutmeg, raisins, yogurt and couscous.

Our dinner was just about $31 and we left a big tip because the service was so good and the people so nice (even if the ambiance isn't posh.) This restaurant should not go down because of location, folks! If you haven't tried it, do.

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  1. I'll have to stop by there again. I pass it almost every day and yet don't think of it. My first meal there was not bad, but not as good as others so far have said. By the way, why did he order the lamb when he's "not the biggest fan?" Because he knew he could eat your fish? Those beef pastilles were the best part of my previous meal there.

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      A favorite of ours.

      Taxi Brousse
      1101 San Pablo Ave -- two blocks north of Gilman
      Albany, CA 94706 (just over the Berkeley line)
      (510) 558-0939


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        I missed your post, Joel, back in May. But this restaurant really needs support because of the crappy location. It's truly good and a bargain.

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        He ordered the lamb because:
        1. he's learned to kind of like it and wants to expand his horizons as long as I'm there to order something else "just in case"
        2. if he orders chicken one more time I'll kill him
        3. he had shrimp the night before at Riva Cochina, also ordered by me
        4. I had ordered fish, so that took fish off the table for him in the scheme of food-sharing
        Rules established over years and years.

      3. Thanks for keeping this place in chow radar. Good to know they now have weekly specials. The food was great but it is nice to have a choice of something new.

        I notice they do have a colorful signboard on the street calling more attention to the place. Also it is nice to have the parking lot.

        Some other old Chowhound mentions:

        Taxi Brousse
        1101 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

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          If you call in advanced with a party of six or more, you can get "ceebujen" (Senegalese fish and rice -- it's their national dish) !

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            And they have interesting-sounding mixed drinks based on "Asian" vodka, including one with tamarind and another with hibiscus. They sound potent.

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              I heard Taxi Brousse is gone now? Is this true?

              1. re: cfarivar

                sure looks like it. I drive by it everyday and haven't seen any signs of life.