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Costco Pizza

Am I crazy for being a fan? ZI went to Ray'z by UC Irvine twice. Liked it the first time. 2nd not so much. Both times got the cheese.

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  1. Not really, for 10 bucks you can't beat it. It's not a great pie but when your low on cash and need a quick fix, Costco's the place. Best time is when you can get it right out of the oven, I hate it when they start stacking them. You just never know how long it's been in the pile.

    1. Oh my god, they are incredibly huge and incredibly fattening...nutritional info says one slice is 804 calories?!?!?!?!?! :( (they are good though...)

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        I like Costco pizza. I just wish I hadn't seen this information, (like a really terrifying scene from the most frightening horror movie of all time).


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          Just think, it is still less than if you order the chocolate/nut dipped ice cream bar. That one has 870 calories.

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            See how healthy they are! Look at all that vitamin A!

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              The nutritional information for Costco has changed (somewhat for the better) since then. We have more recent data at CalorieLab here:


              Of course, at 700 calories per slice, I still wouldn't recommend eating that pizza very often!

              Costco doesn't list their nutritional data on their Web site, but if you inquire by e-mail, which we do from time to time, they will send it to you. In the past they have required that you ask for information on an item-by-item basis by name.

          2. also, costco pizza saved the day when we needed hot food at 10AM for 15 people that were on a photoshoot.
            they were the ONLY pizza place open at that time.

            1. Costco pizza, at least the one in Tustin (haven't tried pizza at others) s prety good for $9 a large. You don't even have to be a member to get it. We've gotten Costco pizza for many functions.

              1. I think the dough mix is Lamonica's.

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                  I've seen packages before inside of the kitchen with Lamonica's name on it. There's no better pizza deal in town than from Costco - for $9.95? One slice of their pizza is about as big as a Domino's or Pizza Hut "large" size, lol.

                2. indeed, it is strangely good. kinda like the chicken bake. scary good, for non-pizza chain pizza.

                  1. For some strange reason, unlike most pizzas, Costco pies are not very good cold.

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                      Only really good pizza is good cold. IMO, Costco is about Hot Dogs, Churros and ice cream bars.

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                        Indeed, couldn't have said it better.

                        At the rec of a chowhound on the Los Angeles board (forget the name, so apologies), I tried the ice cream bar and it was fabulous.

                        I think if I was stuck on a desert island, only thing I would want would be a Costco takeout counter. I could eat hot dogs, churros and ice cream bars all day long, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week ...

                    2. I had their pizza for lunch today. Again.

                      I've been trying to cut back of late to watch my waste line. It's expensive calorically but not monetarily.


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                        There's a $3.00 off a whole pizza coupon in the Costco Passport savings book for this week, too!

                        1. re: monkuboy

                          I may have to take them up on it.


                      2. not bad for a quick cheap lunch. My wife and I usually share a piece as well as have a kosher hot dog each when we visit.

                        The pizza reminds me of the pizza slices we had at the cafeteria in high school. Cheap, and greasy.