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Jul 14, 2007 09:02 PM

Taco/Burrito places w/refried beans that serve sour cream

I'm in Irvine. What is a good Taco/Burrito place in Irvine and surrounding towns that sells hard tacos and refried beans. I haven't found places htat serve refried beans. I tend to like a lot of sour cream as well. Good salsa is great as well.

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  1. geez, I have never found a taco place WITHOUT refried beans of sour creme and salsa.

    That's like a sushi place that doesn't have rice and soy sauce!

    Irvine must be a funny, alien place, indeed.

    I think even Taco Bell carries them

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    1. re: Diana

      I think some "healthier" places serve only whole beans, sometimes just whole black beans.

      I'm thinking of a place like La Salsa, something like that. Don't they only serve whole black or pinto beans, instead of refried beans.

      I get what the OP is talking about when it comes to beans. Sometimes I want refried beans and my burrito will come with whole beans.

      1. re: PaulF

        What variety of beans are typically refried? Refried is a cooking style, a bastardization of a spanish word meaning "cooked twice".

        I've had refired black and pinto beans. Probably others, too.

        I can see why sometimes you just want good old refried beans made with lard, all comforting and gooey. They make a burrito dang good.

        (But personally, I prefer refried black beans)

        1. re: Diana

          In my experience, refried pintos are the default offering. Refried black beans are usually a good sign.

          1. re: Diana

            Traditionally, black beans are 'Colados', in which they are cooked with Lard and then pureed... That is what you find smeared on Oaxacan and Yucatan food and some other restaurants...

            My favorite beans for 'refritos' are peruvian beans... SO creamy!!


            1. re: Diana

              Some place just use whole beans in their burritos, not the more creamy type that I think of when I think of refried beans (pinto).

              Tacomiendo is a good example.

              If you order an asada plate or a chile colorado plate, you get refried beans on the side. If you order a burrito, you get whole beans mixed in, like the whole beans sitting in a pot on the side of the salsa bar.

              I may have the terms wrong -- I'm not a cook -- but I think the OP was referring to what I think of as traditional refried pinto beans and that's what they are searching for in Orange County.

        2. Try Chipotle... *shutter* or it's eviler twin sister, Qdoba *double shutter*


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          1. re: Dommy

            Ironically, I don't think they serve refried beans. Maybe Del Taco? BTW, if you ever find yourself in LA or Santa Monica, Campos fits the bill.

          2. There's a Jalapeno's on Alton near Culver.

            1. chipotle doesn't serve refried beans. yeah i haven't gone to many taco places around here. haha no taco bell. jalapeno's ill try.

              1. SuperMex should fit your requirements, as they have a location in Irvine. They have both hard shell and soft shell tacos, and they do serve sour cream on the side when you order the combo plates. They probably serve the sour cream also when you order the tacos a la carte, but you might want to ask them first.

                Also, if you go to any of the Roberto's clones, like Alerto's, Alberto's, Alfredo's, etc., they have hard-shelled tacos. Not sure if it comes with sour cream, but you can likely order it as an extra. Not too impressed with the salsa, though.