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Jul 14, 2007 08:15 PM

taste of st clair

Has anyone been before? I was thinking about dropping by tomorrow.

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  1. This weekend's festival is actually called Salsa On St. Clair. Not sure what the food is like there, I've never been.

    Last weekend was Corso Italia Toronto Fiesta, which may be what you're thinking of, as it is sometimes called Taste of St. Clair. Foodwise, it was pretty lame, unless you happen to like pizza slices or Italian sausage.

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    1. re: gregclow

      i did mean salsa on st clair.

      thanks for the info.

      hard to know which "food fests" limit themselves to sausages and pizza...

      1. re: chocabot

        Probably a little late, but I was at there last night. Street foodwise if you like tacos, empenadas or churros then you should attend. I like Rebozos carnitas tacos. One of the Mexican restaurants were selling tacos al pastor in front of their restaurant which was nice. We did see other stuff like chicharones, roast pork, and a slew of grilled food. There was other stuff, but those stood out to us. All the restaurants on that strip were open too.

        As to the Corso Italian food, there certainly was a lot of sausages, pizza and spedini. We did find some neat stuff close to dinner time. Ragu had a full Roast Pig. There was also more variety in the park west of Lansdowne.