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Pink Taco (moved from LA)

Where is Pink Taco located?

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  1. It's in the Century City mall, upstairs near the Container Store.

    1. Not sure about the one in Century City, but the PT in Vegas is fantastic. Especially when you've been drinking at the pool all day.

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        So I guess nobody likes it then. I only asked because the address I got for it online gave me a Robertson address. So I drove down Robertson today looking for it and couldnt find it.
        I was just asking. haha

      2. It's in the century city plaza/mall on Santa Moncia blvd, I think. Or is it in the Beverly center? Wel, some big mall complex

        1. Hi Lisamp...Pink Taco is definitely in the Century City Mall...located on the 2nd floor above Houston's. Have fun!

          1. Has anyone been there? Is it any good?

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              I've only been to the one in Vegas. It was horrendous.
              I'm sure the one in Century City is in the same ballpark.

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                Hmmm ...

                Horrendous is a bit hyperbolic, to me.

                I thought it was actually better than Acapulco's or El Torito and worse than any place I'd go if there was any choice at all. Ac and ET are just slop to me, PT's greatest sin was an aggressive blandness.

                Unless I get a job in Century City I'll live the rest of my life without eating at Pink Taco. But I didn't think the food I had was any worse than any other chain.

                And the margarita was pretty good. I think they poured Chinaco, too, though I really don't remember for sure.

                I think I had a torta. It was about as good as Quiznos or something like that.

                As for the name, it is irrelevant to the dining experience. The waitresses aren't particularly sexy or scantily-clad.

                My take: I could understand why the Hard Rock in Vegas would have a Pink Taco (semi-sexy name; Mexican fare for tourists who've never had Mexican food), but I don't see the need for such a place in Los Angeles. (Though I've read the food is bad overall in CC -- maybe it won't matter there).

                Pink Tacos served in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

            2. I went there yesterday, had a great steak quesidilla that I am still drooling over today. Its a cool atmosphere, good, strong drinks, and the other food I saw looked amazing. They have people making fresh tortillas in the back, and it was so light and yummy that I can't wait to go back. One thing about the quesidilla, they used a chuck steak instead of a skirt steak and surprisingly it worked really well, big portions too!

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                I was "forced" to go to Pink Taco in Century City on Friday night. What I think was the nachos seemed to be made with Velveeta. On the other hand, the veggie quesadillas were excellent. A large serving and plenty of actual vegetables inside. Guac and sour cream on the side. Definitely a filling main.

                I had the Pink Taco Margarita. Supposedly made with hibiscus/jamaica. Definitely sweet and pretty good. Better than the too tart regular margarita.

                The atmosphere in general was ok. Lots of trashilly dressed bridge and tunnel types and lots of drunken girls. But it was nice to be out on their balcony. The wait staff can be a bit indifferent though that could just be because they were really crowded.

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                  "trashily dressed bridge and tunnel types and lots of drunken girls?"

                  You say that like it's a bad thing ...

                  :) , j/k

              2. Asking “Where is Pink Taco located?” takes a lot of Chutzpah! Almost as much Chutzpah as CEO, Harry Morton has for defending the name of the place.

                Today, there are Pink Tacos in others states for sure, but you can find this local hot spot by going down to the place designated below. IMO, it is a Dive, but I admit that sometimes a Dive can be fun and everyone should at least try a Hot Moist Pink Taco at least once. That said, if you feel like gong down for a Pink Taco then go-for-it.

                Pink Taco
                Westfield Century City Mall
                10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
                Los Angeles, CA
                (310) 789-1000

                About the servers and ambiance, well, the dispatcher for the Sunshine Cab Company, Louie De Palma (played by Danny DeVito), from the TV series “Taxi, “ once described such a girl, “She is better than beautiful. – She’s.... Cheap.”

                Wikipedia – The History / Meaning of “Pink Taco” Restaurant