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Jul 14, 2007 07:47 PM

stroopwafels in DC Area?

Does anyone know where i can find this Dutch cookie around the DC area. I actually live right near Fairfax VA but am willing to travel around to find them. Stroopwafels are kind of like a cookie with 2 thin waffles on the outside with caramel in the middle. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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  1. I have a tin here that I bought at Trader Joes around xmas. We kept them around as an emergency xmas gift, but will consume them tom'w morning, Don't know if seasonal or not, you might look in the cookie section that's usually above the frozen food aisle.
    Starbucks sometimes has cellophane wrapped packs of them, but those are too dinky to rest atop a cup of hot coffee, to melt the caramel. Yum, I love those!

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      Which TJ did you go to? I went to the one in Centreville and either they didnt have any or were all out?

      1. re: erothvt

        I've seen them at the one at the intersection of Main St and Little River Turnpike(?) in Fairfax city. They have the ones in the white and blue tin as well as bit size ones in a bag.

        Wegman's sells something like them. The same two thin waffles,but they come with different fillings. They don't taste like the ones from Holland, but the maple ones aren't too bad.

        1. re: viperlush

          That's exactly what I got, the blue and white tin. Haven't tried them yet to see how they compare to the ones an office mate brought back from Amsterdam.

        2. re: erothvt

          Every TJs I've been in has the large ones, but during the winter holidays only. Definately a seasonal item. They seem to have the mini ones year round, though.

      2. Stroopwafels and shortbread are my favorite cookies!
        Rodman's carries a Canadian brand with 2 or 3 different fillings. They have locations in Tenley/Friendship Heights, White Flint and Wheaton.

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          I've seen some at Starbucks near the checkout. I have also seen them at Magruders. they sell a white chocolate version. Check World Market too.

          1. re: nissenpa

            The German Gourmet on Lee Highway usually has them.

        2. Great thanks for all the help!!

          1. Whole Foods carries them too--some in the cookie aisle and some over near the fresh bread (at least in the SS WF).