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Jul 14, 2007 07:40 PM

Which Bordeaux would you bring?

I'm debating which wine to bring. I have two 2000's, Ch. Cantenac Brown and La Fleur de Bouard. In addition, I have a Lynch Bages 1989, but don't believe it's ready; or is it? Heck, I might just go off the board and bring the 1991 Pesquera. If I had another '82 Beychevelle, this would have been an easy decision. :-)

All opinions are appreciated, especially those with recent tasting notes. In general, I prefer a more mature wine, but would rather drink it on the way up instead of on the decline.

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  1. I believe the best wine of them all is the 89 Lynch Bages, and while you can age it longer (if its been stored well) it will be drinking great right now. The Pesquera is most like more "ready" but the LB is a better wine. So depends on what your doing with it.

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    1. re: WineTravel

      Thank you for the prompt reply. All my wine had been stored in a locker at a temperature and humidity controlled site. However, I recently ended my lease and am in a period of consumption.

      I'm deciding on which bottle to take for a dinner date at a French Restaurant. I do have an '86 Mouton Rothschild and an '86 Margeaux, but I'm letting them rest undisturbed for a little while longer.

      1. re: Ruffio

        Keep the 86's. If you like your date take the 89. If its a first date take the 91.

    2. I think this question is impossible to answer given the information provided. Can you please describe the type of event, the setting, the food to be served (if any), the other wines that will be present, if any....

      It's one thing if you're having a celebratory intimate dinner for two vs. a casual "taste and test" wine tasting with a dozen people you don't know very well...

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      1. re: Chicago Mike

        Indeed, there's some ambiguity here. Please allow me to elucidate.

        No, this is just a pre-theater dinner for two. I was looking to see if anyone had any recent experience/tasting notes of any of the above wines. Specifically, if they were drinking well and not too closed.

        Yes, I do understand the powerful bond between food and wine, and that they should not necessarily be considered in isolation. I probably should have titled this thread, "Which wine is most ready?" We will make appropriate food matchings later.

        1. re: Ruffio

          Based on these criteria, the Pesquera would be my first choice ASSUMING that the meal you're going to be having is a good match for a rich tempranillo, otherwise you're wasting a potentially great bottle there.

          The 2000's may be a bit young and the event doesn't seem quite "special" enough for the 1989 or certainly a 1982. BYOB the red plus add a glass of white and/or dessert wine at the venue to match your specific meal.

      2. I've had '89 Lynch Bages and I think it is ready. May still improve a bit, but not by so much.

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        1. re: whiner

          Agree. Still vote for the 89... unless its a first date.

          1. re: WineTravel

            Drink the best bottle you have and savor the evening !

        2. The '89 Lunch Bags is in a nice place these days. No rush to drink it but I doubt it's going to get much better.

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          1. re: carswell

            I would like to thank each and everyone who replied to my query. Oenophiles are a special breed, generous and gregarious!