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Jul 14, 2007 06:36 PM

Places for breakfast/brunch/lunch in Boro Park

Hi- we recently moved to Kensington, and my father in law is driving from Chicago to bring us some furniture- nice man! He is always into exploring the Jewish NY life, and given our proximity, we are thinking about taking him to Boro Park for Sunday breakfast/brunch. He is not kosher, and while bagels and lox would make him very happy, I am sure a dairy restaurant would too. Or a place with corned beef. Looking at older posts, it seems that The Bagel Spot is the place to go- but can you eat there or is it just to go? It seems that a good option would be to get bagels from there and then go to Friedamn's Grocery for the smoked fish and come back home, but we would really like to find a place to eat out. Any suggestions? Older posts talk about Cafe K, Spoons, Shem Tov and Kosher Delite; but I can't find any specifics on what type of food they serve or if they would be good for breakfast/brunch. Any help would very much be appreciated.

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  1. you try the kosher board for this one.

    1. I recently had dinner at a wonderful kosher restaurant called Tea For Two , but I don't know if they serve Brunch or even if they have the foods typically associated with the traditional bagel and lox meal.
      I don't know if this site (see below) will help at all, but take a look and then perhaps make a few calls .

      1. There's a great appetizing store out of the 1950's on Ave. P east of McDonald (3rd Street??). Take out only but they have great smoked fish, bagels, nuts, candies, dried fruits, etc. They are kosher so closed Sats.

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          I know it's not in Boro Park but in Midwood, but any comments on Adelman's Kosher Deli & Restaurant?

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            I think the best Jewish deli in Bklyn is Jay & Lloyd's on Ave. U.

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              Prior to reading this posting, I just responded to your other, earlier posting and I totally agreed with Barry. The fact that they are so nice just enhances the experience. If you go, please report back and let us know how it was.

        2. Call The Bagel Spot before you go over there - I walked by it a few weeks ago and it was closed with the DOH sign on the door.