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Jul 14, 2007 06:03 PM

The "One" place in the Baltimore area

What is the "one" place in Baltimore that you really love and you keep coming back to in Baltimore?

My place is Samo's in Greektown.

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    1. Can't choose just one, but my weekly rotation includes the following:
      Sushi> Asahi
      Mexican> Los Amigos
      Burger> Brewers Art
      Greek> Samos
      Sandwiches> DiPasquele's

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      1. re: viperlush

        I just have to try Brewer's Art. Everyone and everything keeps pointing me to them - Baltimore Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Zagat, viperlush... We'll have to try them next weekend. Do you eat at the more formal dining room, or the bar/grill portion of Brewer's Art?

        1. re: Whitemarshjohn

          I've done both, and have enjoyed both. The great thing is that you can order from the regular menu in the bar area. During the week (except during happy hour) I have never had a problem finding seating in either bar area. They are pretty good at keeping the menu on their website up to date so I usually check it out before heading over. If you like rosemary and garlic I highly recommend the fries. Their caesar salad is one of the best that I've had.It comes with a parm. crisp and a white anchovies. And of course a trip to Brewer's is not complete without one of their tasty beers.

      2. Petit Louis. It is best when cassoulet or sweetbreads are on the menu.

        1. I think that's "Samos", as in the Greek island, not "Samo's" as in "owned by Samo".

          On to your question. My faves are dropping fast (Cafe Amore, Ras Doobie, to name the most painful losses), so I'd go with Zorba's Joe Squared and Matthew's Pizza. None of those are really in the category you are asking about, for me at least, but they are as close as I've got these days.

          "Come back, Doobie!"

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          1. re: Warthog

            birches in canton

            Kocos on Harford Rd... Crabcake night...and those raspberry jalapeƱo wings!

            1. re: Warthog

              Sorry to be a little off topic, but hey Warthog, have you tried Doobies replacement on Penn Street? I posted my thoughts in a thread a few weeks ago, you can find it under my user name. I'm curious to hear your thoughts (you can post them in that other thread so as not to hijack this one). Or do you think that location is lost to you because of the memories of the old tenant?

            2. Brewer's Art for me. If I go too long without one of their burger's and a beer I get the shakes :-)